E127: Jim De’Ath

Why Website Development Is Pivotal To Growing Your eCommerce Store And How You Can Thrive From Customer Connection

jim de ath guest on ecommerce podcast

Podcast Overview

Is your website just bland, boring and templated? Yes, we know. There are approximately over 2 billion websites on the internet and by 2023 90% of shopping will be done by online eCommerce stores. Surely you want to stand out? 

In this episode, Jim breaks down why website development is so important to your growth and how to connect with customers. 

eCom@One Presents:

Jim De’Ath

Jim is the Sales and Marketing Director at Valley and Peak, a retail store that sells all things outdoors for your adventure trips. Jim joined the company in a period of mass growth, therefore he shares some insights and learnings during the pivotal moments of their success.

Jim breaks down how ambassadors really work in the world of eCommerce, the biggest challenges that will come for business in the next 12 months and why you should work with an agency to boost PPC and SEO.

Tune into this episode to gain an insight into the world of outdoor eCommerce and understand why your website is the key to the magical chest of growth.

Topics Covered

1:40 – How did Jim Get Into To The eCommerce World

3:50 – The Most Pivotal Moment In Growth For Valley And Peak

8:50 – The Root Of Success For Valley And Peak

12:58 – Biggest Challenges For The Next Few Months And What To Put In Place To          Overcome Them

18:48 – How Do Ambassadors Work In The Real World

23:45 – How To Reach Out And Connect With Customers 

27:20 – What Has Valley And Peak Done To Stand Out From Competitors

28:56 – How Has Website Development Increased Conversion Rates

35:00 – Why You Should Work With An Agency To Boost PPC And SEO

42:52 – Book Recommendation 

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