Google Shopping Feed Management

A fully optimised feed will result in better quality Ads and higher conversion rates. Our expert team will regularly work on your feed to ensure it meets best practice requirements.

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Our eComOne Feed Management Team is:

Google Premier Partners

Meaning the team has a direct communication with the Google feed team to resolve issues quickly.

End to End Solution

We can create a Google optimised feed from scratch, or we can work with your existing Feeds.

A Google Certified Team

As Google Premier Partners all of our employees maintain the highest standards in Google Shopping.

Ad Approval Management

Working closely with Google to resolve approval issues, ensuring products appear in the search results.

Feed Experts

Feed approval issues are monitored on a daily basis, optimising feeds to ensure they are kept up to date.

eCommerce Store Savvy

Whether your feed runs out of Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Wordpress or another platform, we can help.

Google Shopping feed management is a crucial part of the set-up and monthly management, and without a good feed, any shopping campaign will struggle. Basic feed management is required to make products comply with Google regulations and to get Shopping Ads live. However, by implementing a more advanced set-up, you can provide your campaigns with a competitive advantage.

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Feed Optimisation & Technical Feed Issues are our Expertise

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Shopping Feeds

Below are a range of questions that we get asked about Shopping Feeds, and how we deal with them within eComOne.

What is a Shopping Feed?

A data feed is simply a file that contains your products and shows their attributes. In its most basic form, it is effectively your product catalogue in a spreadsheet.

Why Do Shopping Feeds Need to be Set Up For Google Shopping?

Different shopping channels require different formats; it is crucial your feed contains the attributes it needs to comply with Google’s regulations – otherwise, products (and in some cases your whole feed) could be disapproved.

How Are Shopping Feed Disapprovals Managed?

Products can be disapproved for a wide variety of reasons including image quality, and if they contain descriptions Google deems offensive. Often products will be flagged as violating Google’s policies if they contain certain words e.g. we recently had a handbag disapproved as it was described as being “nude” in colour.  We work through resolving these issues to ensure as many of your products as possible are approved.

How Do eComOne Set Up Shopping Feeds?

When setting up shopping feeds we:

  • Start by meeting the Feed Requirements
  • Create Custom Rules
  • Add custom labels for price
  • Add custom variables
  • Add product categories – to mirror your site navigation

What Are The Opportunities For My Campaign With an Optimised Feed?

  • With an optimised feed you can set bids based on factors such as profit margin, product category and conversion value.
  • We have found setting bids based on product price is a huge advantage. Many campaigns we inherit have generic bids on all item regardless of price. However, if you sell products ranging from £10 to £1000, should would (of course) be willing to higher bids for clicks for a £1000 item than for a £10 item.

What Does Ongoing Management Involve?

Feed management involves weekly maintenance to review the approval status of products, to check if products are filtering properly, and to ensure new products are not disapproved. Changes to website categories and uploading new products can affect the feed, and products can be disapproved for a large number of reasons. To ensure feeds remain optimised, we frequently create new custom rules and often contact Google on our client's behalf to approve / re-approve products.

Need Help With Your Feed?

Feed Optimisation & Technical Feed Issues are our Expertise

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