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Why TikTok Ads?

TikTok’s skyrocketing popularity has led it to quickly become a true market leader in video consumption and market engagement. With massive untapped opportunity and potential, this unsaturated marketplace filled with highly specific audience pools of niche community interests has become a huge opportunity for retailers across the globe to scale their success. 

At eComOne, we are leveraging Tiktok’s Ad Platform to create high performance campaigns partnered with businesses aimed at generating online revenue through unique video content in new spaces. We combine expert insights with data driven performance models to create cutting edge strategies to achieve your goals. 

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Yes, marketing on TikTok is effective as it is a precise strategic platform. Marketing using TikTok’s Business Manager allows you to be a part of the leading destination for short and long form mobile video content. TikTok is making it easier than ever to target potential customers by precisely targeting audience demographics and other unique interests.

TikTok’s platform also allows for more advanced users to take their strategy to the next level, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences are some of the advanced strategies businesses can use to target new audience opportunities.

TikTok have partnered with a wide range of marketing experts to help take your strategy to the next level. From Creative to Commerce and Campaign Management, TikTok’s partner program helps to connect niche industry expertise with businesses looking to grow with TikTok’s marketing platform. 

We’ve Partnered with TikTok to help online retailers take their first steps into this emerging market.

We use a wide range of structures and tactics across a wider TikTok Marketing strategy, utilising a combination of prospecting and remarketing tools to identify and re-engage highly specific audiences. Unlike other marketing platforms, TikTok’s quickly growing audience showcases incredibly detailed interests and habits, allowing for fine tuning and detailed testing in audience demographics and creative.

We recommend an in-depth look at target audiences, followed by structured A/B testing of audience, creative, budget and objective to define the structure that works best for you.

TikTok’s addition of in-app eCommerce stores has allowed online retailers to integrate their products into a seamless journey from initial interest to captured purchase. As the most downloaded application of 2020, TikTok’s audience spans across the globe and encompasses a wide range of niche audiences and communities. 

Offering a true ‘screen wide’ Ad experience has given marketers the ability to tell rich and engaging stories like never before.

MillIe and Ralph new launch product examples

Success Story

Millie and Ralph

Mille and Ralph is an online retailer of designer, Spanish and traditional babywear. They started as a small family run Lincolnshire business and have now scaled to a £multimillion eCommerce business.

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