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Consistent ROAS that exceeds their target of 8

Bushwear is the UK’s number one outdoor clothing and footwear brand. 

The challenge

Their objective was to drive economically viable sales to their store to grow their business. We have worked with them for five years.


Firstly, we decided to run Google Shopping Ads and Search Ads. We optimised and cleaned up their Data Feed and structured their Account in the most efficient way. Using data from both of these channels allowed us to create better-performing Search Ads.

We structured their Google Shopping campaigns using our invaluable keyword sculpting process and split by price break. This allows us to analyse their data at a granular level and get the best possible results. We have just implemented our Google Shopping hybrid model, optimising Ad titles and adding an array of custom labels to improve their visibility on the SERP, increasing sales further. 

Using specialist Facebook Audience tools, we make sure every Facebook Ad campaign is targeting the right audience. We use a mixture of Prospecting and Remarketing campaigns to drive conversions further. Our best performing Facebook campaigns are Dynamic Product Ads. However, our prospecting campaigns are great for brand awareness, which creates a multichannel conversion. 

With the emergence of the ISO14 Apple update, we have installed a piece of code on their website so they can continue to scale their business using Facebook API.

bushwear dog and man walking on country path

Consistently exceed their ROAS target


Over £2million generated from Google Ads since working with us

What the client says:
Alisdair Troup, Director at Bushwear

"I am delighted to partner with eComOne on both our Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. The team provides sound evidence-based management and clear reporting and feedback"

Heinnie Haynes

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