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Redefine your Google Shopping Ads Strategy to grow profitable revenue

Profitable Google Shopping management is a result of an in-depth understanding of Ad strategies, tactics and implementation. Done correctly, Google Shopping is a hugely profitable channel for DTC eCommerce stores like yourself.

With our hybrid model, profit-driven mindset, frameworks, feed excellence and obsession with optimisation, our expert PPC team has already scaled hundreds of online retailers with this Ad type.  

In this ever-changing PPC landscape, you can’t put Ads live and leave Google to it. It will spend your money with little care on the actual profitability of your campaigns. That’s why working with a Google Shopping management agency like ourselves, will help you sleep better at night.

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Leaving your products sitting on your website and not being seen by your customers is a recipe for disaster, that’s why. 

Showing a high-quality image of your product, the price and reviews at the point of search gives your customers enough information to make better-educated decisions before they click. As you only pay for clicks with Google Shopping, there will only be minimal wasted spend in a well optimised Shopping campaign , compared to many other types of advertising.  

With Google Shopping, you can directly measure the profitability at the campaign, Ad group or SKU level; and make use of this data to make optimisations and to inform your bidding strategy.

  • Combining Google’s AI with Human Insights in a Hybrid Approach
  • Using both “AI” driven Campaigns together with “manual campaigns” – where every element can be controlled
  • Continually iterating on Creative within the AI Campaigns
  • Moving products between Campaigns depending on SKU performance

The latest development in Google Ads, Performance Max Campaigns. A one-stop shop for your Shopping, Search and Display Ads. Sounds too good to be true? It is. Leaving Google to it will not generate the sales you deserve. 

That’s why we combine PMAX with analysis of insights. We structure your Ad account for success, optimise your Feed to get your products seen and adapt targets, creative and the campaign structure based on results. 

A hybrid approach is how we deliver on our promise to you.

In a world where AI increasingly controls bidding and targeting, a key differentiator is the quality of the data you are “providing the machine”.

A well-optimised Feed will enable your Ads to stand out in a competitive marketplace, ensure your best-performing products are shown more often and appear for more relevant terms. 

As a BigCommerce OCA partner, we pride ourselves on our Feed Excellence: ensuring the feed is regularly and thoroughly optimized. We ensure every optional field is completed, that every advanced feature is utilised and that the feed is continuously improved.

Success Story


Safe.co.uk is the UK’s leading online security retailer founded in 2003. They stock safes (of course!), locks, home security products, Padlocks, CCTV and post boxes. 

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