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Redefine your Search Ads Strategy to Increase Your Sales

Search Ads for eCommerce is an incredible opportunity, as so few advertisers invest the time in a thorough and granular Search campaign build out.  Lower competition on Search Campaigns mean that Click and Conversion costs are usually much lower than with Shopping Campaigns. 

 For those prepared to make the effort there are huge rewards in terms of generating a significant additional revenue stream and more profitable ROI compared to Shopping Ads.

 Typically, a well run Search campaign will generate 30- 40% extra revenue on top of a Shopping Campaign (not taking brand Ads into account).

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For an eCommerce store, the obvious starting point with PPC is Google Shopping. In 95% of cases setting up and running Shopping Ads is the best first step in achieving profitable revenue from PPC. 

However Search Ads will greatly enhance your overall Google Ads performance and can compliment your Shopping Ads – when implemented well.  

If Ads for your top selling products dominate both the Search and Shopping results, it is much more likely that potential customers will click through and make a purchase, compared to just surfacing a Shopping Ad.

With the approach we have developed, it is not only possible to create Search Ads for every SKU (even if your store has tens of thousands of products), but also for the Campaigns to automatically and continually improve, as we dynamically add in converting search terms as new keywords .

We offer process driven Account Management with an innovative edge.

We believe in a meticulous, framework based approach to PPC management. We are continuously experimenting and iterating our processes to ensure we keep improving and achieving the very best results possible. 

Our primary concern is to profitably increase the revenue from your Ads, and every action we take in the account is intended to achieve this.

It is very common for us to take on struggling accounts. We delve into the data you have been acquiring and we start a meticulous process to improve your Ads performance. We begin by restructuring them so the backend of Adwords is logical and saves time. Then we go through each bidding strategy and adjust the campaigns until each is fully optimised.

We tailor our prices dependent on your project. Get in contact with us to find out more.

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