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Amazon Ads

Boost visibility, reach and sales by Advertising on the UK’s biggest eCommerce Marketplace

Amazon Ads provide eCommerce retailers with a huge opportunity to increase their sales. With the scope of data, insights and reach available, merchants can utilise this channel to scale their business. 

Not only will your products display on the Amazon interface itself, but your SKUs can appear amongst Amazon’s third party network of Video and Display Ads too. 

Your products will appear for keywords during high intent searches to Amazon’s customers who are highly engaged and loyal. Amazon is a fantastic channel for both brand awareness and performance and with the in-depth data it possesses, you can make actionable changes that actually move the needle.

More Information

Amazon Ads performance is determined by several factors, including Ad relevance and spend. You should expect to see a movement in your impressions after 48 hours as Amazon’s algorithm analyses your Ads against a certain criteria. 

Seeing tangible results from your Ads is dependent on your products, budget and optimisation. If you have no historical data, it will take a little bit longer to see profitable results from Amazon than if you have run Amazon Ads in the past. 

We set expectations and targets on day one, working with you closely and transparently throughout your whole project.

Each PPC channel has its own benefits and disadvantages, so it’s absolutely critical that you choose the channel/s that will yield the best results. Depending on your products and your customers, we advise you which channel/s to focus your time, effort and money on. 

Afterall, profit is the main objective.

Our monthly retainers start at just £895 a month. In this package, you have a dedicated Account Manager who manages your Amazon strategy, keeping you up to date with your project and its results.

  • Qualified audience in a safe brand environment
  • Accurate sales history and product visibility reporting
  • Brand awareness
  • Insights into ever changing consumer habits and purchase behaviour
  • Easily trackable results
  • Variety of Ads available

Success Story


Safe.co.uk is the UK’s leading online security retailer founded in 2003. They stock safes (of course!), locks, home security products, Padlocks, CCTV and post boxes. 

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