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Richard Hill

A question that we get asked a lot, how do Google Shopping Ads work?

Well, the fundamentals of setting up Google Shopping are pretty much the same, no matter what platform you are on. Whether you’re on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce etc, the process is very similar.

Firstly, what is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Ads allow businesses to showcase their products on Google when someone is searching for them. They can appear on Google’s main page, in the Shopping tab and in the images (if optimised correctly).

If someone types “dress” into the search bar, they will be shown a range of competitor products bidding against each other to appear in the top spot.

dress google shopping ads on Google

As you can see in the image above, retailers need to make sure their Google Shopping listings are optimised to increase the likelihood of a conversion. This is possible by including a high-quality lifestyle picture of the product, an optimised title, the price matches the website and brand name. All the retailers above are missing out on potential exposure because they aren’t showing their products through a Google CSS. Find out more about the advantages of CSS here.

In the video below, Richard Hill, our CEO,  goes into in-depth detail about exactly how Google Shopping Ads work.

Google Shopping is an essential PPC channel for every eCommerce retailer. It has the highest conversion rate (in our experience) of any other type of PPC Ad. You don’t pay until someone has clicked on the Ad. As they are already seeing plenty of information about this product, they are more likely to purchase.

Google has recently introduced “Free Google Shopping Listings”, you can find out more about this in a recent blog written by our Head of PPC, Henry Gill, here.

As a Google Premier Partner, our agency is completely focused on eCommerce with a main interest in delivering measurable results. Find out more about the Google Shopping services that we offer.

You can also find more videos on Google Shopping, Search Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO on our YouTube channel, subscribe here.

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