My Week Work Experience at eComOne – Written By Lewis

work experience thank you card written by lewis

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Sophie Penny

Lewis Taylor joined eComOne for a week of work experience. He engaged in design, shadowed meetings for eCommerce clients and even wrote this blog. Read more to find out about his experience at the agency.

I chose eComOne for work experience as it seemed a very interesting company and they do the types of things that I wanted to learn more about. I’ve always been interested in computers as well as design, so this was a great place to do work experience as it incorporated both of them.

Coming into work experience, I expected to find myself in a crowded and stressful environment, as that had been the experience of many others who had done it before me.  Yet when I arrived on the first day, it was the complete opposite. Everyone was really friendly and relaxed, and it wasn’t very busy at all. Another thing that I expected beforehand was not having much to do, but I was given lots of tasks to get on with, which kept me busy and made my time here extremely fun.

While at eComOne, I’ve learnt about the different types of digital advertisement, and how they work, as well as useful tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Klayviyo. Learning these new skills have been really interesting and helpful, and taught me how certain types of adverts are made.

Some of my favourite parts of working here have been creating designs for email campaigns, making icons on illustrator, and also just being in a different environment. It’s been much more relaxed than I expected and that’s something I’ve really enjoyed.

Some of the challenges I’ve faced on work experience are learning people’s names, which is always difficult. However everybody introduced themselves which helped a lot, and soon enough I was able to remember everyone. I was also very nervous on the first morning before coming in, but that’s natural when you’re doing something different and meeting new people. As soon as I got here I was given a tour of the building and was shown what to do, everybody was really friendly as well, which made it a lot easier to settle in.

In the future, I’d like to keep learning more about digital advertising and the way that it’s made, as well as how it works. I’d also like to keep creating designs for campaigns as that was one of my favourite things that I did while I was here.

Some tips and recommendations for people who are going to do work experience in the future, would be to make sure you pick a company that works around something that you’re interested in. It definitely helps a lot doing tasks about things that you enjoy doing, as It means that you don’t get bored and the work keeps you engaged. I know lots of my friends didn’t pick a placement that they enjoy and ended up just wanting the week to be over, whereas I’m the complete opposite and don’t want to go back to school. Also, it helps to visit the place you are going to before your work experience, as you get to see where you’ll be working and meet who you’ll be working with.

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