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Mike Shields

Here at eComOne, we understand the challenges of eCommerce marketing like no other agency. Running an eCommerce business isn’t easy, especially when margins get tight and myriad factors affect the ways in which you can capitalise upon your products and services.

As an agency with dozens of clients all working with us on retainer contracts, we understand that this model is not for everyone. 

This is why we have created eComNow, a platform that allows you to borrow from our agency toolkit and strategic services to create a way to make a difference to your marketing at a more cost-effective rate in the short term. 

By working with us on retainer level, you have access to a full agency setup and as we get to know your business, there is much to be said for the development and implementation of a long-term strategy. 

However, if you are short of resources for a limited time or just want help moving the needle on eCommerce sales, there’s a lot that can be done to make short-term changes that should have effects in the long run.

eComNow blends our expertise with smaller, more focused pieces of work to help you achieve your goals, whether that is improving functionality, boosting your site’s SEO or developing a strategy by infilling with content or analytical tools, there is a host of services.

Technical expertise that counts

Creating an effective and smooth-running website can be a challenge at the best of times, particularly within such a busy and crowded marketplace such as eCommerce. 

That’s why you need the technical side to perform for you. They say that knowing your enemy is the best defence, so getting to know your website as well as you possibly can is incredibly important. 

By effectively borrowing our team’s vast expertise in the area, we can give you a true insight into site issues, technical fixes you can make and much more.

Making Digital PR work for you

eCommerce stores can either be a faceless entity, or you can add context and storytelling to boost your audience, organic traffic and overall reputation, which can result in more sales and effectively the growth of your eCommerce brand.

Digital PR is a great place to start and with our eComNow campaigns and ways to engage with wider audiences, can be effective quickly too. 

There’s no better way to reap the benefits of increasing your organic traffic than a good campaign or a proven, valuable set of Digital PR tools at your disposal. It’s also one of the best ways to develop a brand voice for your eCommerce business. 

Content is king

The very core of SEO these days is content. Our dedicated content team is on hand via eComNow to dip into your content and create either strategies you can follow to ensure you are producing content that makes a difference or even to research, create and optimise content on your behalf. 

Whether this is in the form of written content such as long form blogs or guides, or just the copy that sits on your many landing pages, you can make our team’s expertise work for you and have a gold standard to follow for the rest of your strategy.

Ease of use

It couldn’t be easier to use eComNow, simply browse the various services on offer, select your level of investment and fill in as much detail as possible. 

eComNow is designed to be a one-stop shop and seamless experience for your chosen services, so our team will be able to start working on your tasks right away.
To see the range of services, simply visit the eComNow page and start turbocharging your content today.

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