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25% over target ROAS in 2022

Safe.co.uk is the UK’s leading online security retailer founded in 2003. They stock safes (of course!), locks, home security products, Padlocks, CCTV and post boxes. 

The challenge

This client came on board with us in January 2020, right as the COVID pandemic was kicking off. Safe.co.uk saw a significant negative impact from COVID with limited demand for their products/services. This was a challenging situation, given this was a new client during an unprecedented time.  

They wanted us to improve their account in virtually all aspects. They had a 10+ year old account that had been worked on by several different people and agencies leaving it in dire need of an overhaul.


  1. Increase actual profit (Margin – Ad Spend). 
  1. Adapt to a lower level of business sales (sales of safes were negatively impacted by the pandemic). We did this by:


The strategy pivot that we devised was to focus on the profitability of the current spend, to ensure that the budget going toward advertising was profitable for the business and that they could weather the implications of COVID with a viable business (and digital marketing) model.

Our strategy to achieve their objectives is: 

  • Reduce wasted spend for unprofitable products and focus spend on 

Audiences in purchase mode (with intent)

  • Pivot product focus to generate more visibility and sales for profitable products
  • Protect the bottom line by assessing Google Ads performance based on net profit instead of the standard gross profit metric (currently used as the standard reporting metric for businesses)

The account was inherently complex that required significant restructuring to make it agile enough to cope with a rapidly changing environment.  To ensure successful execution, we teamed up with PPC Samurai (PPCS), leveraging cutting-edge technology to execute and optimise at scale.

example of safe product on a wall

Over target ROAS in December 2022


Over ROAS target in 2022

anthony safe managing director

What the client says:
Anthony Neary, Managing Director

"We were going through a staff reshuffle and a new paid search agency was a priority. While attending various ecommerce events I was able to watch two illuminating seminars given by Richard from eComOne. I was pretty much convinced they were the right agency for us, but after a meeting to discuss our specific needs I was in no doubt They have been fantastic to work with providing excellent communication and constant ideas and planning for the future of the account. I feel safe in the knowledge that they are doing their absolute utmost to ensure our account is as efficient and profitable as possible."

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