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Waldeck and Morson Projects

Boost brand awareness through organic search in a niche industry

Waldeck Consulting is an award winning consultancy firm with over 29 years of experience across the engineering, construction and asset management landscape. They support clients across nine key sectors, building and development, defence, security and aerospace, energy, logistics and transportation, nuclear, manufacturing and technology, rail, and waste and utilities. 

Waldeck is part of The Morson Group, a diverse and global collection of design, tech and recruitment based consultancy businesses. We work with the Morson Group on their SEO strategy too. 

The challenge 

Waldeck’s Marketing departments biggest challenge mirrors many other businesses out there, the team have limited resources when it comes to delivering an array of digital campaigns. 

Their team can only implement so many projects before they are at capacity and SEO isn’t one that they could facilitate amongst themselves. They need additional expertise to act as an arm of their business and to support their existing marketing department to level up their digital efforts.

That’s why they decided to work with an agency.

The objectives

Waldeck/Morson set out to work with a collaborative, proactive agency that understood the technical nuances of the engineering and recruitment market.

Their goal was to boost their brand awareness through organic search, which later involved content creation and videography too. 

They needed an agency that could deliver on their niche specialism, so they could continuously tap into that additional resource as part of their overall digital strategy.

The strategy 

Waldeck and Morson had two separate SEO strategies to help them achieve their specific business goals. 

For Morson, their SEO strategy relied heavily on content creation for their service pages and optimising their existing pages with an SEO mindset for high-quality and specific keywords that their audience are actually searching for.

Following on from an in-depth Site Quality Audit, the technical team set out to fix all problems that were hindering the performance of their website. From site speed to UX fixes, all issues were incorporated into their rolling twelve month strategy plan. 

After the keyword research and keyword opportunities projects have been completed, the team set out to shape their content strategy to get Morson ranking on page one for those high-intent keywords. 

Working very closely with the Morson team, the SEO department optimised their existing blogs to maximise the impressions of these pieces of content to avoid the dreaded blog spike. This results in blogs becoming a consistent traffic source instead of just peaking once a blog is promoted. 

This SEO strategy required an in-depth understanding of the engineering market to figure out what the best keywords to target were. As with any SEO strategy, the Account Managers work very closely with the Morson/Waldeck team to make sure best practices are being implemented, new tactics are incorporated and results are continuously analysed throughout the whole project.

A monthly report is sent to the client with actions and a list of next steps for a transparent and honest relationship between the agency and the business.

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Increase in conversions through organic search in the past year


Increase in users through organic search in the past year

What the client says:
Hannah Cook, Head of Marketing

"I would say that one of the things that are quite different about eComOne is that they genuinely care. They have such a breadth of experience and expertise and for me, the niche specialisms that I can draw on as a Head of Marketing. I feel that I can really tap into that resource to have the best knowledge, understanding and data to drive our business forward"

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