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Ep 55:
Tobi Oluwole:
The Keys to Growing Your Shopify Store & Making it a Success

This week we interviewed Tobi Oluwole, a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify, as well as Co-Founder of employment company 3Skills, and Founder of his very own coaching program, TPS Accelerator. 

Safe to say Tobi is a very busy guy and it was an absolute pleasure having him as a guest on the podcast!

As part of his day job, Tobi helps Shopify store owners grow their businesses and in this episode shares some of his top tips for growing your store by making use of some of the fantastic features Shopify has to offer. 

So calling all Shopify store owners, get listening and find out how you can improve your Shopify store today!

eCom@One Presents

Tobi Oluwole

Tobi Oluwole is a Nigerian entrepreneur based in Ottawa, Canada. During the day he works as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify. He is the Co-Founder of 3Skills – a company that has helped more than 150 people land full-time jobs in Canada since 2019. Tobi is also the Founder of TPS Accelerator which is an 8-Week virtual program that teaches people how to build a second stream of income with a side hustle. 

In this episode, Tobi talks about how he’s helped Shopify stores grow their businesses and the specific tools within Shopify that can make a massive difference to your customer experience. He explains the biggest mistakes merchants make with their stores that could be hindering their growth and gives advice on how to avoid them. 

With the number of eCommerce businesses hugely increasing since lockdown, Tobi also discusses ways to get ahead of competitors if you’re selling in a competitive niche, such as drilling down into your target audience and focussing on testing your products. 

If you’re a Shopify store owner, or are thinking of starting a Shopify store, then this episode is definitely for you! 

Topics Covered:

01:31 – How Tobi landed his dream job at Shopify

05:37 – How Tobi’s helped to grow eCommerce businesses

06:37 – Common tricks a lot of Shopify stores miss

09:02 – The most surprising business developments from the past year

11:40 – TikTok strategies for businesses

14:00 – How to stand out on a competitive niche

18:50 – Biggest mistakes merchants make and how to avoid them

22:41 – The top things that let down a shop’s UX

26:03 – Shopify features you need to implement in your store right now

30:31 – Creating the most employable candidates in the world with 3Skills

31:44 – Book recommendation 

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