The Importance of Domain Authority in Digital PR

the importance of domain authority in digital pr

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Molly Duffy

One of the best ways to measure your PR efforts is through link building and that means high domain authority links. Domain Authority is important as this is a representation of how well you rank on Google, helping your site’s credibility to allow you to stand out against competitors. 

Digital PR is one of the most effective ways you can make an impact in terms of brand but it also adds immeasurably to your SEO profile. 

In this article, we explain the importance of domain authority in Digital PR and the benefits that high domain authority links bring you. 

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score developed by Moz that will predict how well your website ranks on search engines like Google – it will give an overview of your website as a whole. Domain Authority comes with a variety of different scores and ratings, scores between 40-50 are considered average, scores between 50-60 are rated good and what you really want to be aiming for is a score over 60 which is considered excellent. 

High Authority Backlinks in PR

You may notice when reading articles online that there are URLs in the text, these are called backlinks, usually from other websites and are known as outbound links. There are many things you can do to attract links to your website, however, to get the highest quality links we’d recommend press coverage. 

Press activity includes contacting newspapers and journalist blogs and requesting follow links from these websites, this will build your authority score. Some great examples of high-domain authority media sites include BBC, Forbes and The Sun.

But how do you get these high-domain authority links? Here are a few tips from us on how you can get high domain authority coverage in PR. 

  1. Your Email Pitch 

Research who you’re pitching to!

Sometimes it’s not about how many journalists you contact, it’s about contacting the right people instead. Getting a good idea of who your pitching to and the audience can help you understand the type of email you should be sending out. Make sure you include good evidence, stats and explanation in your pitch email, this could be the difference between a response or not. 

  1. Prepare Your Guest Post 

Take time to prepare the content you’re pitching, and don’t worry about adding too much information. Providing journalists with all of the necessary information they might need in their articles means they don’t have to do a thing. 

The Benefits of High Domain Authority Links 

Boost Credibility

Every high authority backlink on your site will reflect on its credibility. Search engines like Google will use your inbound and outbound links as a form of trust, which in turn will boost your credibility and help out with SEO. 

Increase SERP position

There are now over 200 different ranking factors that Google looks at when positioning you on Google, backlinks and content being one of the most important. It isn’t just the quantity of the links you’re gaining that matters, but the quality of links. Google will favour backlinks from reputable sources, which will increase your search positions. 

Gain More Traffic

High domain authority coverage can help to increase your website traffic by boosting your SEO as well as directing relevant audiences through the links you’re gaining. This also works hand in hand with your rankings – if your backlinks are helping you rank higher in Google, you’re going to gain more traffic. 

We have certainly noticed in recent years how important PR is, alongside Content & SEO. The power of PR can only grow with subsequent campaigns, especially if they are creative. Through a combination of targeting keywords, trends and your overall brand voice, we create campaigns that get people talking, sharing and interacting with your brand. Do you now see the importance of Domain Authority in PR and need some help with your own? Get in touch with us today!

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