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How Podcasting Can Help Your Business


Podcasts. Either you live by them or you’ve never listened to one in your life (if this is you, a great place to start is the eCom@One Podcast, not that […]

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Carrianne Dukes

GA4 VS UA what's the difference blog

News | 14.04.2022

GA4 vs Universal Analytics – What’s The Difference?

Sometimes I love Google. Especially when it tells me that Wagamama is open. But, a lot of the time, it gives me a headache. Why? The constant PPC, SEO and […]

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merging sales and marketing together emma blog

News | 17.03.2022

Merging Sales and Marketing Together

The idea of Sales and Marketing working in synergy makes so much sense and should be so simple, yet many businesses struggle to streamline these efforts and see the team […]

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How to Optimise your Merchant Feed for Better Results from Google Shopping


With the rise of Google’s automation it is now more important than ever to fully optimise your merchant feed.  Why optimise your feed? Having highly accurate data quality, structured efficiently […]

Article Author
Sophie Penny

10 spicy online marketing tips to increase sales blog

News | 31.01.2022

Ten Spicy Online Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales

Sales, sales, sales. A word that can induce night sweats for some and spark a fire in the belly for others. The main objective in eCommerce is always the same, […]

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take your ppc strategy to next level this christmas featured image for blog post

News | 17.12.2021

Take Your PPC Marketing Strategy To The Next Level This Christmas

Your marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s so important that your brand is seen by the right people at the right time and […]

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Creating a Winning Content Strategy for Your eCommerce Store


Content; we all know it’s important for a website. Product pages, categories, press releases and blog pages – these are all examples of content commonly found on any eCommerce site.  […]

Article Author
Eleanor Agnew

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