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What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?


32.3% of global online Advertising revenue is earned through Google.

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Ayrton Anderson

News | 18.01.2019

New Year, New Team and New Opportunities

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break!

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News | 15.01.2019

Google Smart Shopping: Trend or Tragedy

Marketing spends on Google Shopping Ads surpassed Text Ads back in April 2017.

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How to Write The Perfect Blog Post


The perfect blog is not produced by a creative genius trapped in a state of enlightenment.

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How to optimise my mobile shopping campaigns

News | 13.12.2018

How To Optimise My Mobile Shopping Campaigns

In 2018 the number of mobile phone users in the world reached 4.9 billion.

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How can automation help my Google shopping campaign

News | 11.12.2018

How Can Automation Help My Shopping Campaigns?

Automation is a powerful ally when it comes to the management of your Google Shopping campaigns.

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How to Dominate PLA Results With “Keyword Sculpting”


Keyword sculpting is a strategy designed to make Shopping Ads appear for high-quality search terms.

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Henry Gill

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