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Rimmer Bros

Boosting organic rankings, creating a strong domain authority and increasing their backlink profile with a proven SEO strategy.

Rimmer Bros is a Parts and Accessories specialist established for 41 years. They specialise in Triumph, MG, Land Rover, Range Rover, MG Rover and Jaguar, with a total of 75 models across these marques. 

They supply to the UK, Europe and 195 worldwide locations since 1982. With over 2 million parts in stock across 52,000 part numbers in 49,000 bin locations.

As the British motor industry has contracted, Rimmer Bros. has grown larger, to ensure that many well-loved classic cars, now out of production and no longer supported by their original makers, can still be maintained, restored, and enjoyed. 

While the support for Triumph strongly continues, during the 1990s the coverage of Rover SD1 models was added, and in the 2000’s Land Rover and Range Rover, to include models right up to date. From 2005, their support was extended to cover more modern MG-Rover cars. In 2012 their range was further extended to cover Jaguar models 1996 onwards.

A family business that actually cares about their business.  

The challenge 

At Rimmer Bros, they don’t have a dedicated department to work on SEO and in truth, did not get desirable results by “having a go” themselves. Having an external team of experts who are Google partners and are continually up to date with the latest search engine algorithm changes helped them to keep ahead of the competition and also to overcome the gaps in their knowledge.

The objectives

They had a long list of objectives to achieve over a 12 month period. Rimmer Bros decided to work on an SEO project together with eComOne to help boost their organic search rankings, create a strong domain authority, increase their backlink profile and keep the site optimised for the biggest search engines. The ongoing goal is to get Rimmer Bros appearing on the first page of results for all relevant and popular searches without having to increase spend on paid advertising.

The strategy 

Like with any good SEO strategy, understanding the current performance and pitfalls is key. For Rimmer Bros, the team conducted a thorough Site Quality and Technical Audit. Actions from this were then prioritised from the technical team to work on the website’s user experience, crawlability and performance. 

Then they implemented the CATalyst framework across the site. A few of the changes made are: 

  • Reworking and revamping category pages to match SEO keyword research and align with current industry trends 
  • Internal links across category pages, which included content such as, long-form guides 
  • Bespoke FAQs researched, answered and added to category pages

The SEO team continuously implements SEO best practices to achieve Rimmer Bros’ KPIs with our proven SEO RECIPE framework.

Along with a robust SEO strategy, the eComOne team implemented a whole new campaign structure that set very specific profit goals depending on the margin of the product for their Google Ads. They managed to get over 8,000 new products (which were previously thought to be an impossible task) approved to run through Google Shopping Ads successfully.

The PPC team then created 40 Single Theme Ad Groups to really “push” the most important brands and products and launched brand new Ad campaigns in Countries which were not previously targeted. 

This tailored and very targeted strategy was designed to specifically hit Rimmer Bros’ profit driven KPIs. No vanity metrics. A focus on profit, revenue and return throughout the project.

red car on road surrounded by trees and snow
car in snow and ice in a forrest

Increase in Organic Revenue on CATalyst page


Keywords moved for each category to page 1 of Google

What the client says:
Chris Wrigley, Commercial Manager

"The team at eComOne are very professional and each team member brings a different skillset to the table. Their ability to find solutions or workarounds has been very impressive. They put considerable effort into learning all about our company, the market we trade in and the competition. They hold regular update meetings, listen to our proposals and provide detailed reporting at a frequency that suits us. They always explain what they’re doing in terms that we understand without bombarding us with technical jargon. A pleasure to work with! "

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