10 Stand Out eCommerce Meta Advertising Examples


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Rowan Payne

For many online retailers, META’s ever changing landscape can be a difficult platform to achieve sustainable and scalable results on. Volatility in the marketplace coupled with ever changing regulations on data capture have made it harder than ever for META’s machine learning to connect you with the right audiences. Even so, eCommerce brands throughout the UK are utilising the ever growing network of data points in META’s black box to drive revenue and ROAS. 

We’ve detailed some of our top picks for standout campaigns in the current landscape, we’ve broken our lists down into 4 easy to understand categories:

  • What does a great eCommerce Ad look like?
  • What should my eCommerce offer be? 
  • What copy should an eCommerce Ad use?
  • How should I remarket with eCommerce?

Without any further ado, let’s start our list of standout eCommerce Ads with some of our favourite Ad Imagery…

What does a great eCommerce Ad look like?

Example 1 – Superdry’s World Cup Carousel 

Superdry’s quick action to jump on market trends like 2022’s World Cup allowed them to create highly relevant, audience specific campaigns driven by META’s AI decision making. 

Showcasing each product in a lifestyle context also allows the Ad to appear more native than a standard dynamic product display Ad.

Example 2 – Reducing Waste With Etsy

Etsy’s wonderful use of mise-en-scene (the stuff that goes into making a picture’s background beautiful) helps to create a real sense of place. The Ad draws in the eye to the lap of the user and positions the item within your own hands. Creating a wonderful connection between product and user. Also note the consistent imagery and tone used throughout the Ad copy and imagery, where themes of sustainability and warmth are conveyed throughout.

Example 3 – Booking.com’s Winterwonderland

This Ad makes good use of the rule of thirds, creating a dynamic and striking Ad Image which draws the eye ‘down the garden path’ and towards the focus of the image. Booking.com have also played on the natural beauty of Lapland, allowing the Ad to draw attention with nothing more than a stunning picture. 

What should my eCommerce offer be? 

Example 4 – Creating Intrigue With Next’s Banana Republic

Next’s latest showcase of Banana Republic’s clothing range is an excellent example of highlighting key themes with video production. Using a mix of hero close ups on key products and wider, establishing shots. We start to piece together the style and tone of banana republic’s latest releases.

By focusing on quality and design, rather than price – Next’s offer is unmatchable by competitors.  

Example 5 – eBay’s Maximalist Christmas

eBay has built a dedicated fanbase over the past 27 years. In this time, they’ve built a brand image as multi coloured as their logo. By focusing on bright, bold imagery, coupled with a maximalist offer, they can convey a sense of joy and brilliance in their offer that exceeds the bounds of traditional marketing messaging. Their carousel grabs attention with a smaller, micro commitment. Once you’ve swiped to see more, their product focus relies more on the history of products, rather than price. This plays into their market USP.

Example 6 – Creating Iconic Experiences With Ticketmaster

Compared with other offer examples, Ticketmasters focus on experience rather than product allows for a unique and effective offering. Using instant and recognisable imagery associated with Van Gough’s painting style, reformulated in a new and engaging way, gives a real sense of intrigue and attraction to avid art fans. By placing a human in the space, they also give context to the offer, as an experience and an activity on display. Finally, they have used grounding content such as ‘Seen by 8.5 million worldwide’ and ‘Ends Jan 8th’ to build and drive FOMO.

What copy should an eCommerce Ad use?

Example 7 – Inspiring Creativity With Ikea

Ikea’s mix of short form copy and impactful messaging gives a short, sharp and clear benefit for audiences to connect with. By leading with a clear want of the audience base, they can anchor their products to this ideal by providing a bridge between need and solution. This framework is also known as the PAS framework, in which you first identify a problem, want or need. Then provide a clear route to solution.

Example 8 – John Lewis & The Perfect Sandwich

Nobody writes a snappy headline like John Lewis, in their seasonal kitchen showcase, they’ve completely flipped the script. Focusing on the benefit, rather than the feature. Using this F2B (feature to benefit) writing framework, they have created an incredibly impactful one-liner that sums up a true pleasure of the festive season. It’s enough to get our mouths watering…

How should I Remarket?

Example 9 – Educating With Nutravita

Following Nutravita’s excellent example of product remarketing, we can see how important audience education is to the buying process. Nutravita’s key benefits can be hard to interpret as a beginner, and as such, their remarketing campaigns help to break these products down into their key benefits, to allow previous cart abandoners to get a better understanding of whether the product is right for them.

Example 10 – TMaxx DPA’s

Another classic example of a remarketing DPA is TMaxx’s classic structure for related product carousels. By presenting clear and high resolution product imagery, audiences are able to see and visualise the product in much more detail, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions, prior to the click. Their additional use of content to imply cost savings is perfect for the high intent, purchase focused audiences currently looking for a great deal. Using price and product information in headline and description fields also allows this Ad to feel more like a product display on a platform similar to the clients expectations. 

Getting Started With eCommerce Paid Social Ads 

If you’ve found this list of standout Social Adverts helpful and you are looking for an easy way to get started with social media marketing in your eCommerce brand. Why not book a strategy session with one of our PPC experts to identify easy ways to improve your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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