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An In Depth Guide to Shopify SEO


Like my previous guide to SEO for BigCommerce, this post provides a comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Shopify. Covering all aspects from optimising product pages and collections […]

Article Author
Andrew Birkitt

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News | 25.01.2023

The BigCommerce Big Guide to SEO

Although still a relative newcomer in the eCommerce arena, BigCommerce has been making huge inroads in the UK market since its launch in 2009. Recent statistics show that there are at the time of writing approximately 3.2K stores using the platform in the United Kingdom.

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News | 1.05.2020

Google Analytics Tracking and Why You Need it

You will be surprised at how many businesses (and not just ecommerce) come to us with help marketing their websites and they don’t have Google Analytics or any other form of tracking setup.

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Introduction to Google Tag Manager & Implementing Your First Tag


Digital Marketing thrives on data, no matter what type of site you have…

Article Author
Andrew Birkitt

News | 27.03.2019

Pros and Cons of Well Known eCommerce Website Platforms

Choosing the right platform for your website can be daunting, and at eComOne we speak to a lot of potential and existing clients that just don’t know which one is best.

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