Our Culture & Team

Our culture revolves around our ambition to get results for clients. Our team all work towards the same thing and that is ultimately what unites them.

eComOne employees all want these things:

  • Successful campaigns
  • Appreciative clients
  • Great stats
  • Month on month revenue growth
  • Perfection (it might be elusive but we will continue to strive for it nonetheless!)

That is what we strive to achieve everyday.

Layered on top are a few key terms that we would feel naked without:

Optimism – even in challenging moments we focus hard on a positive outcome and in doing so make it happen

Strategy – We approach every project with an eye on the data and make sure our efforts are processed, future-proof and data-driven

Creativity – Whether we are creating Ad copy or a cornerstone content piece we ooze creativity and an abundance of imagination

Loyalty – We work together as a team, backing each other up, communicating effectively and easing our teammate’s workload if the hay hits the fan

Originality – We are all one of a kind so we all bring something unique to the culture alongside the steadfast values. Whether we are heritage boffins or beer guzzling socialisers!

Geekyness – We turn our nose up to the term nerd but accept with affection the term geek. We are specialists in a field to the point of obsession. 

And then there are three elements of our culture that have been at its heart since our sister company SEO Traffic Lab was conceived in 2008.

Our three core values:

Transparency – you see what we do because we do not hide anything

Passion – we want to rock your world with our marketing

Innovation – we will never stop learning because that is what gives you and us the advantage

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