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Product Shopping Feed

Google Shopping Feed Audit

With the Google Ads landscape becoming ever more competitive, stand out from the crowd and increase the likelihood that your products will show for more specific (and lower CPC) search terms by enriching your product feed with additional data.

Google Feed Audit

Google Shopping Feed Audit

What We'll Deliver

An explainer video from one of our Google Shopping specialists outlining the steps we’d recommend taking in order to improve the data in your feed, as well as the reasons we’d recommend carrying them out and their associated impact.

The video will also include directly actionable steps in order to implement any optimisations we’d recommend applying to your feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a good rule of thumb is the more data the better. We find that passing additional product relevant information in your feed makes it more likely for your products to show for specific customer searches, which also tend to have a lower CPC and higher purchasing intent compared to broad searches.

As part of our Google Shopping feed audit, we don’t just look at product disapprovals or products flagged as having limited performance. We also look at ways to optimise the products that are already in your feed by adding additional data to improve their performance.

Yes! As part of the explainer video we’ll deliver following the audit, our Google Shopping specialists will outline not only which data should be included, but also the format it should be included in to meet Google’s specifications. We’ll also outline anything to be aware of when adding this data to the feed (such as common mistakes which can cause product disapprovals).

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