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Google Universal Analytics (UA)

Google Universal Analytics Backup

With all Universal Analytics data being slated for permanent deletion in July 2024, take control and retain access to your historic analytics data into the future with our Universal Analytics backup solution. With our service, you’ll be able to retain your 2022 website data as a point of comparison through our easy to navigate reports which closely resemble the old Universal Analytics interface.

Universal Analytics Backup

Example Universal Analytics Backup Report

What We'll Deliver

A Looker Studio link which will provide an interface anyone familiar with the old Universal Analytics will immediately recognise. This will act as your dashboard to interact with your backed up UA reports in a user friendly way, allowing for quick and easy comparison with your GA4 data.

We will also deliver you raw CSV files containing the backed up Universal Analytics data that powers the Looker Studio reports. This way, you’ll fully own your UA data and will be able to store it for future reference, use it within your own spreadsheets, or import it into any other compatible tools you’d like to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to one of your reports in Universal Analytics that shows session totals (for example, Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Source/Medium) and adjust the date range to a typical month when your Universal Analytics property was still processing data (for example, November 2022). Your total in the Sessions column will indicate which Site Traffic Level to choose at checkout.

We will back up 12 months of your Universal Analytics data.

We use Looker Studio to present your backed up Universal Analytics reports. As a result, your reports will continue to be accessible as long as Google do not sunset this product in the future. We also provide you with CSV copies of your backed up data, which you can store indefinitely.

Yes, at checkout you’ll have the option to select the 12 month period you’d like us to back up. For example, if your GA4 property started tracking data in May 2023, we can back up your UA data from May 2022 to May 2023 to give you a full year of historic data prior to GA4.

No, once we deliver your backups, there are no ongoing monthly costs.

Yes, if there’s a specific report you’d like us to create for you, we can offer this as a bespoke project. Please contact us with details of the report you’d like us to back up for more info.

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