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Google Analytics Auditing

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Having trust in your data is paramount. Whether it’s informing your Google Ads bidding or where to optimise your website, having Google Analytics data you can trust is vital.

If you’re unsure whether your GA4 data is accurately being tracked, or if you’re worried that revenue might be getting attributed to the wrong source, our GA4 audit can highlight any issues, and provide you with next steps or briefs to take to your web developers to resolve them.

Google Analytics Audit

GA4 Property

What We'll Deliver

Your Google Analytics audit will be presented as a document outlining the checks that we’ve made on your account, which ones have successfully passed, areas where improvements can be made to improve the data that’s available in the property, and any issues that we’ve identified.

In situations where we identify a problem we’ll provide jargon-free, easy to understand instructions on what the root cause of the issue is, as well as clear steps for either your team or your web developers to implement in order to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not confident that your GA4 data is accurate, or if you’ve got doubts that it was not properly configured when you switched from Universal Analytics, our audit can give you peace of mind and identify any problems.

We have worked on a wide range of eCommerce platforms and tech stacks. If your site is running on a bespoke platform, we can still carry out an audit of the GA4 configuration.

In some cases, GA4 issues can be fixed or improvements to the setup can be made within the property itself. In these instances, we’ll advise you of the changes we’ve made and the issues that it has resolved. We can also provide instructions on how to resolve any issues requiring changes to your GTM container. For any issues requiring code changes to your website, we’ll provide instructions which can be used as a brief for your web developers.

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