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Google Ads Account Audits

Discover Growth Opportunities With Google Ads

Don’t miss out on leveraging the biggest opportunities hidden within Google Ads for eCommerce businesses. Our expert PPC team, with a profit-driven mindset and an obsession with optimisation, has already helped scale hundreds of online retailers through our Hybrid Model. Experts in both Shopping and Search, we are ready to jump into your account and find the blockers holding your performance back.

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads Interface

What We'll Deliver

Our Account Management framework provides easy-to-implement objectives for continued success. Our audit includes clear examples for leveraging our recommendations.

We provide these recommendations in easy to understand, jargon-free terminology ensuring nothing stands in your way to implementing these changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we are able to review and audit an account of any size, for optimal impact of our recommendations, we would recommend an account is spending at least £3,000 per month before looking for further optimisations.

At this time, if the Google Ads account is under restriction or has been temporarily suspended, we will be unable to complete the Audit in full. However, we may be able to provide recommendations for reversing this restriction on a case-by-case basis.

The audit of the Google Ads Account will be conducted by a member of the eComOne Account Management team. This ensures that the audit will be carried out by skilled professionals who possess the latest knowledge of Google’s best practices.

The findings of your audit will be shared with you in the form of an ‘Account Health Diagnostics’ Loom Video, which will contain a series of identified blockers, recommended next steps and additional improvement opportunities, with clear examples and explanations of work completed.

The audit’s next steps will be explained in an easy-to-understand and actionable way. Although it is not included in this service, the eComOne team will be pleased to execute the steps mentioned in the audit. However, this will be quoted separately as a distinct piece of work.

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