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Retain your customers with a personalised experience that could delight a pessimist

Retaining your customers is absolutely key for success in 2023. The online world is insanely competitive and consumers are being more disloyal than ever before. Therefore, you need to make sure you add value to their experience with your brand regardless of whether or not a purchase is being made. 

It is far easier and cheaper to retain existing customers and increase their lifetime value than constantly acquiring new ones. Therefore, retention marketing tactics, such as email marketing, are very profitable and relatively simple to implement.

That’s why we partner with Klaviyo as our chosen email provider for all eCommerce stores. Their segmentation, personalisation, flows and data capabilities are the reason they are leaders in their industry.

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Communicating your message via email is a quick and cost-effective way to build long lasting relationships with your customers. By building a connection and keeping them in the loop with any updates (sales, new launches, reviews), you can increase your sales. Encourage repeat visits with a personalised Email Marketing strategy.

We have partnered with Klaviyo due to their personalisation and segmentation capabilities. Their expertise in eCommerce and proven track record of generating profitable revenue for online brands are impressive. We strongly believe that they are the best-in-class email platform for eCommerce stores. 

Over 100,000 brands use Klaviyo’s customisable templates to engage and retain their customers, increasing their lifetime value and accelerating their sales. 

A flow is a Klaviyo term that simply means automation. Building out automations creates you money while you sleep. It is important to note that you need to regularly update your flows to really drive profit with your email marketing campaigns.

The absolute minimum flows you need to set up are:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Browse abandonment

Our monthly retainers start at just £1,500 a month. In this package, you have access to a dedicated Account Manager who works with you to achieve your objectives. They will manage, implement and analyse your flows (automations) and campaigns. By using best practices, you will see a very profitable return on your investment working with us.

MillIe and Ralph new launch product examples

Success Story

Millie and Ralph

Mille and Ralph is an online retailer of designer, Spanish and traditional babywear. They started as a small family run Lincolnshire business and have now scaled to a £multimillion eCommerce business.

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