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On Page SEO Services

Still a vital building block for your SEO and to capitalise on search impressions. Is your meta and on page SEO enticing?

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Our on-page approach to SEO has been handed down through generations…well not quite but it has certainly evolved over the years. It has to! This space is very fast paced and there are a lot of conflicting approaches in the industry and a lot of heated opinions on how to do it correctly.

We take all of the best practice advice onboard but there are two factors that will also firm up our strategy:

  1. What Google says is best, is best
  2. What works for one client we will utilise for others

With that benchmark in mind, we have developed our current strategy (which will change when it has to in order to keep up with Google’s algorithm tweaks).

Is Your On Page SEO Spot On?

We can transform your meta and on-page elements with our proven packaged approach

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3 Stages For On-Page SEO

Our three stage SEO approach will ensure that your landing pages are optimised fully whether at a category or product level.

stage 1 - keyword research

Stage 1 – Keyword Research

Our keyword research is more like key phrase research this time. We aim to blend high volume keywords with long-tail keywords. The most important factor in our research is through the following three components. We use SEM Rush and Google Keyword Planner to find individual words. We then use tools to find questions and phrases that people type into Google. On top of that, we find semantic terms which are words associated with the original ones researched.

keyword research

The ambition of all of this research is to create a page with content, page titles and alt tags that give a very natural and authentic site full of useful information. You do not optimise a page by glueing keywords to it. They have to absorb them, mean them and be related to them throughout. The semantic meaning of a page is the tone and content it gives off that will satisfy user intent.

Sure, there is still a lot of science that goes into making pages sound natural. If your site structure is true to your users then this process should be straightforward because you are simply giving visitors what they expect to find.

keyword mapping

Stage 2 – Keyword Mapping

You will go through the research we have done and have your input into which you might like to use and which you may not.

You will then get access to a large excel file that will map the appropriate keyword against each URL on your website. This makes sure that we do not have multiple pages ranking for the same terms and it also ensures that you have a full list to work from so that you can write any subcategory and sub sub categories that we do not get round to.

where to upload meta

Stage 3 – Meta Creation

Once the keyword research is done it is time to write your meta titles and descriptions. Our intention here is to include your keywords/phrases but more importantly, make them clickable.

This is your most valuable real estate in the search engine page results. This text could well determine whether somebody clicks on your pages or not. We get the length right and we write meta for all of your top navigation as part of this package.

Our three stage on-page package stops there but there is the option to continue this work onto other pages on an hourly rate.

Is Your On Page SEO Spot On?

We can transform your meta and on-page elements with our proven packaged approach

Lets get started...

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