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Looking for someone to manage your SEO and keep up with algorithm updates? We monitor around 200 ranking factors

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Our Monthly Management Campaigns Stand Out Because:

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated Account Management

Our account managers are personable, approachable and data driven.

Innovative Data Analysis

Innovative Data Analysis

Not just relying on Google Analytics we delve into Excel and Power BI for hidden patterns.

Google Squared Certified

Google Squared Qualified

Senior members of the team complete the industry specific Google Squared training.


Prolific Speakers

Regular presenters at key digital & eCommerce events and shows.

Transparent Methodology

Transparent Methodology

Our campaign management is up-front and clinical at every step of the process.

Constantly Upskilling Team

Constantly Upskilling Team

We grow with Google - taking in new courses and attending relevant workshops.

Every month you will always receive the following:

  • A full report that details key stats including: Rankings, Traffic, Revenue, Bounce rate,
  • Key Landing Pages, Backlink Acquisition, Devices, Works Completed and Works Scheduled
  • Weekly Data Analysis – we use a dashboard to keep up-to-date on your key rankings and channel data. Equally, we check Google Analytics for any anomalies and track user experience against key landing pages
  • Technical audit each month looking at Search Console and ensuring that crawl errors are dealt with, index bloat is investigated, your robots.txt and sitemap are healthy, and whether you have any spikes in duplicate content (meta titles and descriptions) or backlinks acquired
  • Content Creation – The content we create will either be for website pages, a pdf, an infographic, a blog post, or article or a press release. It depends on what you need
  • Backlink monitoring – using a powerful tool to check what backlinks you may have lost and what backlinks you have acquired

Is Your SEO Underperforming?

Talk to one of our team about your site so that we can help you maximise your return

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What We Will Focus On

The rest of your monthly campaign will be decided by the initial audit done on your site or what you tell us you need help with. Each month we will focus on an area until we are confident that it is fully optimised.

Keyword research

Keyword Research

Every campaign starts here. We use a mixture of tools to create a large document containing keywords, key phrases, ranking questions and semantic meaning. This is all mapped to your website so we know which page we want to rank for which term.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions

Ensuring every page has a bespoke title and description that entices buyers to click on it. The main pages – categories and subcategories – will be done in the early stages of the project, then the sub sub categories and product pages will be factored into future months.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We cover a range of common issues in our approach as well as a few that only pop up quite rarely. Handling canonicalisation correctly, sitemaps, robots.txt, pagination, redirects and tracking. Ensuring all of your tracking and measurement tools (Google Analytics) are setup correctly on site is a priority.



We create a range of content formats from website content through to video depending on what your site requires to drive traffic to it. We also handle a common issue on eCommerce sites which is duplicate content and cannibalisation where too many pages are ranking for the same key terms.



Implementing schema on the site is a big win for most eCommerce businesses. Product-level schema and local business are the two most common. Equally, if you have a blog or video they can be enhanced with rich snippets making your content more visible in search engine result pages.

site speed

Site Speed

A key ranking factor for years now and unlikely to change anytime soon. It is important to Google because it is important to your users. If they visit your site and it is too slow they will quickly bounce away which leaves you with poor metrics and sliding rankings.

mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive

One step further than mobile friendly is a mobile responsive site. Google has started indexing site on mobile first which means you have got to get it right on these devices first. It has to be the perfect experience for users because these days most people buy from mobile.



Each month we will monitor your backlink profile. We will make sure we remove spammy backlinks and create quality content so that you can acquire high domain authority links that point back to your key landing pages.

Monthly Management Routine

There are many more SEO tasks that take place each month that can be pivotal to where you rank. With 200+ ranking factors, Google makes it very difficult for you to decipher what you need to change to get the best return. We approach it with a user-first strategy. What your users want from your website is what search engines want as well. We like to be an additional member of your team and we take our role seriously. Our mission is to increase traffic to your website and improve the conversion rate. If there are issues we will get to the bottom of them. SEO is not a strategy for immediate return so if you need fast ROI then we highly recommend PLAs. But if you want a medium-long term strategy to reduce your Ad spend and gain greater conversions via organic then this is the perfect path for your growing eCommerce store.

Is Your SEO Underperforming?

Talk to one of our team about your site so that we can help you maximise your return

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