Our SEO section introduces our monthly campaign retainers as well as our standalone projects. We have something to suit every budget.

Why Choose eComOne for eCommerce SEO?

Our team have worked in the field of eCommerce SEO for around 9 years now. It is incredibly fast paced and with over 200 ranking factors it can be a complex science. Having said that our campaigns are run with complete transparency so you will always be able to see what we are doing and know our logic for doing it.

Most of our campaigns begin with a comprehensive audit of your website including content, code, meta, site speed, user experience and social media. We highlight any technical changes alongside on and off page SEO tweaks that will help optimise your site. From there we address every issue in turn and tailor a bespoke project just for your business.

What is SEO?

The quick answer is search engine optimisation but that is a very outdated interpretation of what the discipline covers now. SEO contains everything from your on-page meta to your technical code footprint, your off-page backlink profile and your full customer journey and user experience. 

What Does Google Track?

It takes note of your social signals, the depth of the content on your site, the trust signals and authority of your website, the quality of websites linking to your own, and how streamline your code appears to search bots. It is about appreciating your whole marketing approach and deciding where there are gaps, inconsistencies and where perhaps your digital presence could be strengthened.

What Makes Us Special?

We are glad you asked. Our eCommerce SEO does not bang on about meta and site speed! Those elements are essential but they are also a given. Our focus is on Google’s development of their RankBrain search engine and Artificial Intelligence. Natural copy is more than latent semantic keywords – it is humanity taking back the stage. Ultimately, people buy from other people. Does your website satisfy people or robots?

We are always one step ahead of now. SEO will only become more human focused and Google will strive to use their artificial intelligence programming to sniff out loop holes and old hat tactics. New become old quickly in this industry so our team attend training workshops monthly and are genuinely passionate about staying not only current but future focused.




Increase in Organic Traffic from 1,533 to 39,248 a month


Increase in Revenue from Organic



Increase in Organic Conversion Rate


Increase in Goal Completions across Paid & Organic

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