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The setup process needs to be meticulous to ensure a strong campaign. So we are very thorough

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Our Account Set Up For Search Includes:

A Proven Process

We have gone through our account setup process hundreds of times, we know what works.

Google Premier Partner

We reach performance targets and manage big money as Premier Partners.

Skilled Technicians

Your skilled technician will have years of experience and work through challenges daily.

Meticulous Account Structuring

Your account structure should reflect your stores categories and subcategories, throughout the setup.

Tracking Is Key

We need to track every piece of data so your tracking will be setup seamlessly from the start.

Multi-Channel Setup

Experts in all eCommerce Ad platforms, ensuring Google, Facebook & Bing are working together.

What is The First Step in Setting Up a PPC Campaign?

At the start of a project, we ask you to complete an initial questionnaire. This will allow us to understand more about your business, for example: your USPs, your profit margins, any advertising you have tried in the past and who your competitors are. We will discuss your questionnaire and any initial ideas then together create a plan for your campaigns.

Do you need an account setup?

Either as part of a campaign or as a standalone setup we are happy to get you started

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Account Set Up

Setting an account up comes with a variety of different tasks and requirements, you can find out more about these below.

Set Up For Search Ads

We create three unique Search Ads for every SKU you want to advertise. For every campaign, we will create the following extensions: Callouts, Structured Snippets, Sitelink Extensions and Phone call extension. Where relevant we can also create: review extensions, price extensions and location extensions.

Initial Keyword Bid and Settings Adjustments

An important part of the setup process involves choosing the initial keyword bids and setting adjustments. We will initially set relatively conservative bids and bid adjustments, then incrementally adjust bids when getting conversion data through. Starting off more cautiously enables us to save budget while we don’t know for certain which keywords and Ads will be most effective.

I have thousands of SKU’s on my site – will you create individual ad groups for each of them?

We have developed scripts which allow us to quickly create search Ads for individual products. We can create thousands of search Ads reflecting your entire catalogue and automatically add in keywords. Each unique product will have its own Ad group –  so that your Ads only trigger for highly relevant search terms.

Improving Existing Campaigns

Rather than retrofitting old campaigns we generally prefer to create fresh campaigns, to enable us to clearly demonstrate the impact of the work we have done. Often we will run new campaigns alongside old campaigns, so we can compare KPI's. For ongoing monthly management, we will pause old campaigns, once the new campaigns start performing better than them. However data from old campaigns will often be very useful, by analysing conversion data we can see which keywords, calls to action, and the level of bid lead to profitable and unprofitable results. We can then use this data to inform the set up of the new campaigns (although we take into account that market conditions may have changed). Once the account is set up, we can show you how to manage it, or we can manage the account ourselves. In any event - once the account is set up, we would strongly recommend it is not neglected.

Do you need an account setup?

Either as part of a campaign or as a standalone setup we are happy to get you started

Lets get started...

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