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Dominate Google’s search term results with compelling Ads for each of your products.

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Why eComOne For Search?

We are a Google Premier Partner agency, with over 15 years combined experience in Google search Ads. We believe we are set apart by our specialism in eCommerce, our systematic approach to account management and our focus on ROI.

We use innovative approaches to achieve the best results for our clients, including creating individual search Ads for every product, using bespoke automated bidding and automatically creating new keyword specific campaigns from converting search terms.


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Why Search Ads?

Search ads are an often overlooked component of an eCommerce marketing. Shopping Ads are often seen as a more natural fit for eCommerce businesses, as they show an image of the product; rather than just showing text. However, search campaigns can include information that’s not possible to convey on your shopping campaigns such as awards or industry recognition if you provide free or next day delivery, any special customer care.

Because search Ads are undervalued (relative to shopping) they provide a great opportunity for eCommerce stores, to accrue cheap clicks and cheap conversions. We would strongly recommend you consider using search ads in addition to Google Shopping for your eCommerce store.

Are Your Search Ads Struggling?

It is very common for us to take on struggling accounts. We delve into the data you have been acquiring and we start a meticulous process to improve your Ads performance. We begin by restructuring them so the backend of Adwords is logical and saves time. Then we go through each bidding strategy and adjust the campaigns until each is fully optimised.




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