E75: Pete Mohr

How to Build a Story That Resonates With Your Customers

Podcast Overview

Entrepreneurship has been in Pete’s blood all his life and he has naturally developed a passion for helping other businesses grow and succeed. 

He believes that storytelling is at the heart of building any successful brand, and in this episode he talks us through how to create a story that resonates with your audience and how this can help you to grow.

If you want to create a relatable brand that people can’t help but just love, then this is the episode for you!

eCom@One Presents:

Pete Mohr

Pete is a business coach and speaker, working with business owners, entrepreneurs and store owners to help them stay accountable and to achieve entrepreneurial success. 

In this week’s episode, Pete talks all about storytelling in a business context, why it’s so important for brands to get to the heart of their story and his framework for nailing this. He also explains how he works with clients to get their story to stick, and shares his top tips for when you’re struggling to get your audience to resonate with your brand. 

Pete explains some of the mistakes businesses make when it comes to storytelling and how to overcome them, the most common being not being clear enough with what you want your target audience to do, as well as overcomplicating your language. 

Join us on this episode as Pete shares some of his favourite resources for building your brand’s story and explains exactly how this can help your business grow. 

Topics Covered:

01:30 – How Pete started coaching and found his passion for storytelling

05:58 – What is storytelling for businesses and why’s it important?

10:25 – How to get to the heart of your brand and get that across to your audience

14:11 – How to make your story stick in your branding

17:21 – Mistakes businesses make with their storytelling

21:58 – People aren’t resonating with my story – what can I do? 

26:16 – Pete’s framework for growth

28:55 – Resources for building your brand’s story

30:42 – Book recommendation 


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