E162: Jamie-Lee Watts

Turning TikTok Lives into Sales: Unleashing the Power of TikTok Shop

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Podcast Overview

Are authentic creators taking over the influencer world? YES!

That’s why Jamie-LeeCosmetics is such a huge success on TikTok. She has created a page where her customers can get to know the real human behind the brand.

It’s honest, it’s raw and it’s god damn engaging.

From witty content, Jamie-Lee has cultivated a hugely successful online brand selling beauty products.She shares how YOU can have financial success from this channel too!

eCom@One Presents:

Jamie-Lee Watts 

Jamie-Lee Watts is the Co-Founder of JamieLeeCosmetics, an eCommerce beauty brand that leverages the influence of social media to grow her business. She has taken the TikTok world by storm, using live sessions to not only showcase her passion for cosmetics but also to sell a significant amount of products. 

In this episode, we dive deep into her journey of launching a brand on TikTok and the process of running a live show every day. Plus, Jamie-Lee shares some invaluable tips for implementing the TikTok shop into your own brand.

From personal anecdotes to the power of authenticity, this episode is filled with inspiration and practical advice for all eCommerce creators. So, if you are interested in making TikTok a profitable channel for you, sit back, relax and listen to this podcast episode. 

Topics Covered

3:05 – The USP of TikTok, authentic live selling social media platform with a personalised approach

6:57 – QVC-like, COVID boredom leads to TV shopping.

9:00 – Schedule live events on TikTok for engagement

11:03 – Challenge: trolls, self-doubt, putting yourself out there

17:57 – Diverse brands thrive on TikTok shop

21:58 – Advice for non-clothing/makeup sellers: barbecues, radiators, shoes.

25:46 – “Just be yourself when running a brand.”

29:16 – Book recommendation

Richard Hill [00:00:04]:

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Ecom@One. Now today's guest is Jamie-Lee Watts, cofounder of Jamie Lee Cosmetics. Now cosmetics is not something I personally know too much about, but Jamie-Lee has literally taken TikTok by storm by going live almost every day, and she managed to turn this passion into a very profitable ecommerce business. And in this episode, we step through the intricacies and the details around launching your brand on TikTok, going live almost every day. On those lives, how she steps through her process of running a live every day and selling literally 1,000 of pounds worth of products on those lives. Enjoy this episode, and I'm sure you'll get a stack of inspiration about running your own lives and implementing TikTok shop into your brand. Now I hope you enjoy this episode wherever you're listening, so please feel free to subscribe. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Richard Hill [00:01:01]:

Thank you. Welcome to the podcast, Jamie Lee. How are you doing?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:01:07]:

I'm good. Thank you. How are you doing?

Richard Hill [00:01:08]:

I'm really well. Thank you. So I think it'd be great if you could kick off and introduce yourself to our listeners.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:01:13]:


Richard Hill [00:01:14]:

How you got into the world of selling on TikTok and selling online?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:01:17]:

Of course. So my name is Jamie Watts, and How I started my story was throughout as we all know, a couple of years ago, we went through a pandemic, and it stopped a lot of people in their tracks, Especially if you're self employed, and I was I was a self employed makeup artist, so I found that I couldn't work anymore. And I actually then had to go into working into a dental practice, and I soon realized I can't work for someone. I don't enjoy working in the dentist Or just working under someone. Yeah. So then I had a little think, a brainstorm, and I thought I need to create something, a business that can still run Even if we're hit with another pandemic. And also in that sort of space, something quite tragic happened. My mom Had a mental breakdown and she suffers with psychosis now.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:02:07]:

So she is kind of like my strength of the business. So the pain that I felt, I sort of turned into power. So even to this day, it's something that makes me get up every morning because I know that at the end of the day, my goal is to help my mom. So that's what I'm gonna do. So that's basically how the business sort of came about. And then I just sort of brainstormed, went on YouTube, how to store a business, how to How to source suppliers, and then, yeah, from there, start the business.

Richard Hill [00:02:35]:

Wow. That's that's incredible. There's nothing like a sort of a a FedEx stream, situation, especially a personal one like that, to really, you know, taking from something that obviously quite, quite a challenging time in your life. Yeah. Taking that I'm I'm grasping that and using that as your sort of inspiration in your drive every day.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:02:53]:


Richard Hill [00:02:54]:

Yeah. I think that's, you know, that's great. But so Tik talking about why why TikTok? Why have you sort of focused on TikTok for your, focus of getting yourself and the brand out there?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:03:05]:

So I think with TikTok, because it is an entertainment platform, and I am quite an out there sort of person, I don't mind being me on the camera, And it was sort of becoming big at that point. They hadn't actually had a TikTok shop at that point. However, we started to create a presence on there. And when they then launched the TikTok shop, I saw the opportunity where I knew that I could grab customers with My videos, but I could also go live and sell to my customers, which is something you can't you can't do on your site. And it's that personal the the personal customer journey. You could go live. Your customer can ask you, can he try this lip gloss on? I'm this shade. What sort of bronzer do you recommend? And it's just it's a different kind of selling point, And I think a lot of people are missing out on that and they don't realize that.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:04:00]:

And then when we started getting a following and people would follow Us, not just because we sell cosmetics, but because I created a presence myself, people buy into people as we know. Yeah. So from that, yeah, from that, people just we have regular customers who I could just I could literally sell something that Probably isn't that great, but we'll have them buy it because they believe me and they believe in my brand.

Richard Hill [00:04:23]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:04:23]:

The story and the ethos behind the brand.

Richard Hill [00:04:26]:

It's incredible. As you're saying that, you know, you literally obviously do pick pick up your phone right now. Yep. They are off now, but you could pick up your phone right now

Jamie-lee Watts [00:04:33]:


Richard Hill [00:04:34]:

With your products Yeah. Hit live, and we could walk out that door or you could walk out that door with, obviously, x amount of 1,000 of pounds into or how how many sales? You know, it's incredible. But stepping through that initial process. It's Yeah. You know, and my brother's thinking, well, so you started off doing, content, you know, and and posting TikToks. Yep. How long were you before you so you started posting your 1st TikTok or, you know, your 1st TikTok Yep. And then at a point, started doing your 1st live.

Richard Hill [00:05:07]:

What was the sort of time scale between sort of starting to then doing lives.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:05:11]:

So you actually have to have at least 800 followers to go live. Yeah. And as soon as I got that live, I went

Richard Hill [00:05:17]:

The day 1 was late at 800. You're like, where's it go?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:05:21]:

100%. I felt like I was in my element. Just think of it as QVC is your home store first. You go live. You've got products to sell. This is our offer today. Get it while it lasts. We're already live for an hour, and it's creating that The sense of urgency of, oh, I'm gonna miss this deal.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:05:37]:

I need to get it. And then you also create the, because we go live every day. So we have people coming every day. When are you going live? We wanna see you go live Every day. Every single day. And it's creating that momentum, that rhythm, and creating a safe space as well for people because it it just become a community as well, which is very important.

Richard Hill [00:05:57]:

Yeah. So you've got people that are sort of waiting for that live.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:06:00]:


Richard Hill [00:06:00]:

Your your community, your followers, your fans, your super fans, they're there every week. They're like, you know, wait wait, oh, she's on sort of thing. They're on. And, but you do quite a few sort of unique I think unique twists on it from my understanding. So you go live, and, obviously, you're talking through the products, but then you're packing the products there and then. Is that right?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:06:20]:

That's correct. And I think, again, it's that personal touch. If someone's coming into a live, There's a special deal on. And, oh, I can see Hannah's name in the comments, and Hannah's getting her order packs. I wanna be like Hannah. And the thing about TikTok shop, it's So easy to buy. It's within seconds. Apple Pay, straight away your payment is done.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:06:40]:

And then you've got, again, that personal touch and that connection with us. I'm saying your name. I'm touching your order. I'm packing it live. And I know it might sound really silly, but it really does mean a lot to people. They feel like they Yeah. It's giving them a place. It's giving them the recognition sort of thing.

Richard Hill [00:06:57]:

It is like it is, as you say, it's like the new QVC. You know, I've just you know, a few weeks ago, flipping COVID struck again for the sec you know, 2 years free and then bang, just out of the blue. And, you know, flicking through all the TV, sick of this, that, and the other. What's start with about 25 films, next thing I know, I'm I am literally I am watching the QVC equivalent or whatever it was. Yeah. And I actually get what I drawn into that, I like to I actually like to watch those sort of things for not I don't really buy from them personally Yep. But I like to see their the process Yeah. And the way that they're you know, the story and the copy and the, yeah, the salesmanship and the craftsmanship behind them, but it is is that, isn't it? And and then, yeah, you do see they're talking to you, really.

Richard Hill [00:07:38]:

They say, well, you know, obviously, all the benefits of it. I don't think they pack. So you've got 1 up on them that Yeah. I don't think they pack on there, but they they give you, like, a count, I believe. There was a 100 left. Well, you know, you got that, you know, a countdown, what's the word I'm looking for? That sort of, scarcity.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:07:55]:

That's it. That's the word we thought.

Richard Hill [00:07:56]:

The scarcity of, you know, we've got 50 of these left. Oh, oh, John's bought 1. That's it. Johnny or Josephine or whatever maybe he's well, oh, we got 40 left. Oh, oh. Know, if you're thinking on the you're on the sidelines thinking, then obviously you want you want 1, then there's 10 oh, there's 15, there's 5 left. You know, as long as this is a genuine scarcity or a genuine stock level, I think

Jamie-lee Watts [00:08:15]:

That's right.

Richard Hill [00:08:16]:

Then yeah. So every day then, does have you got like a certain you stick to then, or it's just when you feel like it, do you let the guys know, well, we're going live at 4 o'clock tomorrow so they're ready, that type of thing?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:08:25]:

So we so I tend to, share the lives with Jamie who works with us as well. Yeah. So it's because it can be quite a lot, obviously. 2 hours of your time is a lot of time in your day. So I'll go live maybe 2 or 3 times, and he'll do the others. Yeah. Not really. We don't really have a schedule for it because we find it, if we put set a schedule, it can Well, we never really stick to it.

Richard Hill [00:08:47]:

So Life can get in the

Jamie-lee Watts [00:08:48]:

way as well, can't it? Exactly. We do try and It's

Richard Hill [00:08:50]:

better for you, isn't it, really? Yeah. So you can just be like, nah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:08:53]:

Good night, nah. Exactly.

Richard Hill [00:08:55]:

But is every day sort of the Yes. The target? Yes. So 7 days a week? Or

Jamie-lee Watts [00:09:00]:

so it will be 5 to 6 days a week. However, we do so on TikTok, you can, create a live event. So with that, what happens is you can create a live event. And then if you do any videos, you can then tag that live event saying, well, we're gonna be going live on Tuesday 17th at 7 PM till and then you write in the description of What you will be doing in that live event, which then people can register. So you could have 2, 300 people register that event knowing that they're gonna be on that live. They're coming for them deals. They're coming to see you. So you can schedule them as well, which is a great tool.

Richard Hill [00:09:33]:

Love it. So, obviously, I I so many questions, but so I think a lot of it revolves around the community you're building, obviously, people

Jamie-lee Watts [00:09:42]:


Richard Hill [00:09:42]:

How you say, and you say, you know, people like people, they're like you, and you're in this in this instance now. For the guys that are listening and thinking, you know, I wanna I wanna I wanna, you know, build this, but there'll be all sorts of questions, concerns around doing it. What would your sort of top three tips be to build that community.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:10:00]:

I would definitely see say authenticity is a must. People can see through vagueness and just honestly be yourself. So authenticity is a must. Number 2 is be very thick skinned.

Richard Hill [00:10:16]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:10:16]:

Don't care about people's opinions Yeah. Because these people are insignificant to your life. Yeah. So, you know, take their comments as a pinch of salt. It happens sometimes. You you do get trolled, but just take it on the chin. It it doesn't mean anything. They're just doing it to get a reaction.

Richard Hill [00:10:30]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:10:31]:

3 would be utilize every tool that TikTok gives you. So TikTok is a bit like a scoring system. So if they see that you are utilizing their tools, whether that be a promotion tool, whether that be using vouchers, whether that be using doing a live event, They will push your lives. They will push your videos out. No. Yes. Yeah. Because they they will work with you if you work with them.

Richard Hill [00:10:53]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:10:54]:

They're very strict. So if you do get violations, like I said, it is a bit like a a scoring system. They will push you down.

Richard Hill [00:11:01]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:11:01]:

But that would be my 3 top tips.

Richard Hill [00:11:03]:

Yeah. Because I think yeah. There's a few bits there because I think, you know, a lot of people, you know, when we talk about trolls and finding your peep you know, we we talked about this a little bit before we sort of hit record, you know, and, you know, I think this is where a lot of people probably come get a bit stuck because they may be concerned about what other people think, and that can be a real limiting factor no matter what you're doing work wise or anything in your life, and it is quite challenging, you know, it can be quite a challenging situation, and obviously putting yourself out there every day on camera. You know, and, yeah, what would you, though, that speaking to those guys that are maybe Yeah. Just a little bit more, like, I just can't I just don't want can't, you know, what you must have obviously come up across that someone come against and and dealt with quite a few.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:11:48]:

Every day?

Richard Hill [00:11:48]:

Every is it every day, is it? Yeah. You know, what's your sort of, go to sort of how do you how do you really cope with that?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:11:56]:

So I think for me, I invite trolls Into my lives. Because first of all, they're helping my engagement. They're commenting. They're a viewer. You're helping me. Secondly, play Play them at not their own game. Obviously, don't be mean to them, but joke around, take it on. Oh, you you you think I look like a man.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:12:15]:

I appreciate that. Thank you. The that's the best comment I've had all day. Sort of like use it as as wits, you know, like Yeah. Like pushing back some bothered.

Richard Hill [00:12:23]:

Yeah. They're trying to get a rise at it.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:12:24]:

And they're not gonna get a rise. No. I agree. Yeah. I do look rough.

Richard Hill [00:12:27]:

They don't know what they do a little bit. So I

Jamie-lee Watts [00:12:28]:

think That's it. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So I use it like that. And I always say, Try and pay your bills with people's opinions. They hold no value. If they have no significance in your life, You can't pay your bills.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:12:44]:

So that person's opinion of you really holds no value, and that's where it should lie in your life. It has no value. And don't live your Your life through the eyes of other people. Because there's a lot there's a lot of people. We do that. We do that as a as a well, as people, we do. So Yeah. That's wild.

Richard Hill [00:12:59]:

No. I love it. Somebody said to me once, I was at I was at an event and, just chatting to the guy that was running it. And he said, oh, you know, I he looked at it like and I've sort of thought of it very much like he did does. And he said to me, you know, if you're out on a stage presenting, which is what you're doing every day, and then you've got a 100 people there, you know, a 1000 people there or 10,000 people there, he said, you know, 20 people absolutely hate you.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:13:22]:


Richard Hill [00:13:23]:

He says another 20 people probably aren't probably aren't even listening. Another 20 people, think you'd be alright, but they're just not that bothered. So you're left with 40 people, you know, and out of those, there's 5 or 10 people think you're insane. Yeah. They love you. They really want the thing that you're selling or talking about or are interested in, and they're your people. Obviously, there's a lot of people out there, isn't there? Yes. You know, so be you.

Richard Hill [00:13:45]:

Yep. Be your authentic self. 100. You know, some people think, oh my god, what a should we say dick or whatever it is, you know, we could edit that. I don't care. Yeah. We're keeping it. That's, you know, but, you know, I think to to live your life like that, but the sooner you do that, the better I think you'll feel.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:14:03]:

Always. Rather than trying

Richard Hill [00:14:04]:

to please everybody else, find your people. Obviously, I always do for me, I always do the right thing by people and be a good person, I remember. But reality, be yourself. Mhmm. You know, and those people that that like that, well, see you. You know? Go do your thing.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:14:18]:

No. You you can't be everyone's cup of tea, otherwise, you'd be a mug. It's that's how I see it. Yeah. Yeah. You can't please everyone.

Richard Hill [00:14:24]:

So a lot of different firms. Mhmm. So if they're jumping on TikTok maybe, you know, but obviously that's that's good. But what what do you see as the sort of sort of couple of top mistakes that you see companies making and using usually, like, trying to use TikTok?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:14:39]:

So as I sort of to go back on what I said, definitely utilizing what TikTok gives you. Try and use everything because they really do push

Richard Hill [00:14:48]:

is using their tech rather than finally use another tech that integrates with Yeah. Using their

Jamie-lee Watts [00:14:54]:

Use their tools, Their tips, they're very good. They will give you tips. They will they will let you know if you've had a violation and why you've done wrong and Yeah. Don't do that again. They're Very strict in that sense, but like I said, they will will reward you. Another thing is, definitely, they have an affiliate market, yeah, an affiliate center. And that basically is a center full of creators. Now we know that creators are gonna create that passive Sort of not income, but, you know, sales Yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:15:24]:

Where you're not working, you're not doing anything. These creators, they've either got a sample from your shop because you can offer samples Yeah. And they can get 10% or whatever percentage you wanna offer to that creator Yeah. Per sale. Yeah. Or they could buy the product themselves and just promote it. So what they can do is they'll do a video, they'll tag the product, link the product, and right under underneath that video is a little shopping basket. Someone can click directly.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:15:51]:

It's They

Richard Hill [00:15:51]:

get their

Jamie-lee Watts [00:15:52]:

They get their 10%.

Richard Hill [00:15:53]:

Agreed. Yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:15:54]:

That's it. Exactly. So that again as well is a massive tool, and you don't need to go to these, You know, affiliate marketing companies, they're on there already. It's built in. It's built in.

Richard Hill [00:16:04]:

Utilize it to That's it. Or, obviously, algorithm is Yep. Set to push the companies that are using their own tech. Yeah. So a lot of people are not using Mhmm. The tech. Yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:16:15]:


Richard Hill [00:16:15]:

I think a lot of people try and over complicate things, don't they? Oh, and if we use that, we start put her through a funnel, and then we do that, and then we'll reverse that, and we'll do that, and then we'll do that. Hang on a minute. Just think, you know, they're building these these tools for a reason.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:16:28]:

Yes. And it is to keep you on the app. I'll be completely honest. They want you on the app. They want to do the sales. They're getting their money from you. They're you know? But they are also great because they do offer you great benefits. Mhmm.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:16:41]:

So it is, like, a catch 22 because you do wanna take, obviously, people off of the app to get onto your website, Which they don't allow. You're not allowed to say website on a live. You're not allowed to say TikTok. You're not TikTok. You're not allowed to navigate people

Richard Hill [00:16:54]:

yeah, go here. No.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:16:56]:

Unless you're paying for a paid ad

Richard Hill [00:16:57]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:16:58]:

They won't allow that. They will violate you, and they could even take your shop away. But they do have great benefits of staying on the app.

Richard Hill [00:17:04]:

I just wanted to introduce you very quickly to our sponsors, Pricing. Now pricing is a competitive price tracking and monitoring software that can dynamically change a product's prices on all sales channels. They work with brands such as Samsung, Sony, Suzuki, to increase their online revenue. Now if you run Google Shopping, which I know a lot of you absolutely do, this software is absolutely key to accelerating profits. One of the reasons I recommend pricing to my clients is because you can find out your competitors' pricing and stock availability all in one simple to understand giving you a huge competitive advantage. Now if you have any inquiries and questions about this software or you're ready to get cracking, we have worked out a very, very special deal for our listeners where you can get a free month's trial and then 25% off for the 1st 3 months. Head to econone.compricing and complete the inquiry form, and we will connect our listeners to the pricing team. Right.

Richard Hill [00:17:57]:

Let's head straight back to the episode. Obviously, we'll have a lot of different brands and industries and verticals listening now, you know, from, you know, you name it the most probably, I shouldn't say it, but the most boring product, you know, maybe somebody selling nails and Sauls, sorry guys, to people selling, you know, lingerie and and beautiful makeup and, you know, a whole array of people listening right now Yep. Know what would you say about what are some of the products that do well Mhmm. That are good products to sell via TikTok, TikTok shop?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:18:26]:

So the best products going at the moment are beauty and clothing. Mhmm. Although clothing is probably the most saturated market, it's one of the ones that are Growing very fast. And the reason why that is is because, again, it's creating that personal View. So you're watching someone on TikTok shop. You're on there live, and they're selling clothes. I'm a size 16. Can you just show me what that top looks like? Oh, yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:18:51]:

Of course. Oh, I'm actually a size 14. So and then they'll try it on. So that way, you're getting that virtual you're actually seeing

Richard Hill [00:18:58]:

You're in a store, aren't you? Like, it's you just walked into the shop Exactly. Having that conversation. Yep. This this what it is, isn't it?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:19:05]:

Seeing it as a storefront, it is. That's why we go live every day because to us, it's like We're opening our doors to come and shop with us.

Richard Hill [00:19:13]:

So COVID was, incredible for you. The the ultimate pivot. Yeah. Yeah. From, from doing a day job that you didn't really enjoy

Jamie-lee Watts [00:19:21]:


Richard Hill [00:19:21]:

To then, going deep into the Mhmm. The the rabbit hole of TikTok and figuring that out then coming out, you know, doing daily daily lives. Yep. Yeah. Mhmm. Yeah. Because I think there'll be a lot of listeners with different products just thinking how they can do, you know, how they can get live, and I think that's, you know, what I'm interested in to to talk about is a sort of you know, you jump on live, you've got your products Yep. But sort of telling stories around your product.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:19:48]:


Richard Hill [00:19:48]:

You know, probably, like, as you say, like beauty clothing, you know, you're sort of showing it fitting, doesn't do the Claudia and, you know, you're doing the makeup. I'm not that familiar with that side of things, but just step us through your sort of thought process of how you because that ends up being more an hour long or Yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:20:04]:

Around a month.

Richard Hill [00:20:06]:

You got, like, a format you could share with the the listeners around your sort of that that hour. How do you start it? Mhmm. Here's your build and wait for so many people to get in, and then you've got a format of, right, we'll step through these products. And

Jamie-lee Watts [00:20:17]:

So we'll normally go live and we'll pack orders from what we've Received the day before. So that way, people are already seeing, oh, they've got orders. They're a shop. They're taking orders.

Richard Hill [00:20:26]:

So you're packing you're starting off with some of the orders that are maybe left over from yesterday, so that's starting the engagement.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:20:33]:

Yeah. Yeah. Showing that you are open to taking orders.

Richard Hill [00:20:36]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:20:36]:

And going and that way, also, it gives us a chance to run through products. So, oh, Chloe's ordered our brow lick. It's our viral one. Have you seen it? Jordan Lipscomb, Skolme, who is a massive influencer, used it. So it's really, really trying to get off the back of everything that you can. So, you know, really go ham with Over exaggerating on things, showing the products, going into detail. Oh, she got this for a great deal, guys. You can get it right now.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:21:01]:

Yeah. So start off

Richard Hill [00:21:02]:

And that's literally 1 an inch below where you're speaking, you're buying it.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:21:05]:

Yes. And yeah. Yeah. And you can you can also pin the product. So, actually, it can come up on the screen. Yeah. So you can see that product, the one I'm talking about.

Richard Hill [00:21:12]:

So you're managing that while you're talking, or has you got a team member managing the sort of the the the things that are coming up in there?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:21:19]:

So you can either do yourself, team member, or you can get mods. So you can anyone who follows you, if you trust them, you can make them a mod. And a lot of people, if they love you, which they do, they wanna be in every live. They wanna help you. Guys, this is a product she's talking about. So again, creating that community.

Richard Hill [00:21:34]:

Yeah, see here. Yeah. See your followers become your fans, become your part of the team. That's right. Wanna yeah. It's like a lot of, you know, like an old school, if you like, maybe not that old, but like a forum, you know, you're something that you're genuinely interested in, then you get to know the people that run it, and then Mhmm. Why don't you wanna work work with us and help us in the, you know, in the, you know, in the in the community. Okay.

Richard Hill [00:21:58]:

So what about, I'd say, some of the people that are listening that maybe selling something that's not clothing, that's not makeup. Mhmm. You know, I'm trying to think of the most bought there are some more, you know, you may be selling I was gonna say barbecues, but that's probably quite a nice one if it's a nice sunny day and you sit outside with your, your apron on and Mhmm. Cooking some Steaks and Whatnot, be, you know, we've got clients that maybe sell, you know, radiators. Yep. They sell, you know, shoes, that's probably quite a nice one to do, but some, you know, some of the products that are maybe not quite as sexy Mhmm. You know, what advice would you give to those guys?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:22:35]:

So See TikTok as an entertainment app because that's exactly what it is. They they don't like to be called a social app. They are an entertainment app. So it's another aspect to your business. So try and make entertaining videos. Get on trends. And also, you can make some anything sexy, a nail and a hammer. You can make a sexy video of an egg and a hammer.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:22:57]:

I watch a guy come in. Really? Yes.

Richard Hill [00:23:00]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:00]:

a guy. You can. But you can. You can really make so I think if you can get into that creative mind, really look at other people, your competitors, us what they're doing. And it's not just you remember, the creators create.

Richard Hill [00:23:13]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:14]:

So if you can find someone who you know, radiators we bought a radiator off TikTok.

Richard Hill [00:23:18]:

Did you really? I did. No way.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:20]:

It was very much last year when the when the, electricity prices were hiking up Yeah. This radio was It's gonna be cheaper to run and x y zed Yeah. Bought it. You can You

Richard Hill [00:23:31]:

bought a radiator

Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:31]:

truck We did. We did. We did.

Richard Hill [00:23:33]:

We've got quite a lot of clients so

Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:35]:

There we go. It works. It does work.

Richard Hill [00:23:37]:

Oh, wow. So those guys that are like, you know, they're convinced now, and they're listening to the last sort of half an hour or so.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:23:44]:


Richard Hill [00:23:45]:

They're like, right. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna get on this. Yep. You know, what would their sort of first, maybe, 30, 60 days look like, they've got no no TikTok account. Yep. They've got no following, but they've got an amazing store. They're amazingly passionate about, you know, their brand and what they do Yep. And what they sell, whether it's nails or barbecues or makeup, what does their 1st sort of 30, 60 days look like on TikTok?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:24:09]:

So definitely your market research in a sense of look at your competitors, follow them. You know, look at the comments, have a look at the people following them. Get follow them as well. Engage in conversation. That would be 1. Number 2 would be, don't just create content about your products. Create a more personal side of things as well. People are nosy.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:24:31]:

They wanna know what you've ate what what you've eaten for breakfast, how many wheeze you've had That day. They do. They're very, very nosy, and we are nosy. We're a nosy nation. So if you can create that more personal side so for example, today, I'm filming Coming Here from from waking up to going home every single step. But that will get loads of views because I'm not just trying to push products. I'm also a human being being this. Yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:24:54]:

I am also a person, and I'm relatable, which is another thing. And then another one would be Try and do some posts that are educational because you will attract a a different type of audience. Yeah. So when I first started, I started doing posts of or videos of Creating my business cards. How I got this many followers.

Richard Hill [00:25:12]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:25:12]:

And you you do story. Yeah. Exactly. The story. And it's just, Yeah. Don't don't try and just be, you know, sell, sell, sell because no one just wants to be sold to the whole time. Really try and be authentic in a sense of Create a more personal

Richard Hill [00:25:26]:

Goes back to being yourself, isn't it, and finding your tribe, people that like what you do Mhmm. Relatable.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:25:31]:

That's it.

Richard Hill [00:25:32]:

You're gonna fake it for so long, can't you? I mean, that's the reality Mhmm. In which you you sort of see. Well, maybe less so now. I think that people will obviously know that that's just not gonna you know, they see whoever doing whatever, and then they try and emulate that, and it's the warm.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:25:46]:

It's not the vibe.

Richard Hill [00:25:46]:

You know, you might rehearse that for a week, but then if you're gonna jump on a live, you can't. You you can't do that, can you? You gotta be yourself. But then that's a good place to be as that individual, isn't it? So if you're running a brand, they're sharing those day to day things that are happening in the business whether that's, you know, good or the the good or the good or the bad sort of thing. You'd have a mixture. You know, most of the people that are listening to this will have a lot going on in their in their business. Mhmm. You know, it's very shareable and relatable. You know, whether that's, you know, most of the people who are listening, I think, will have a warehouse with some stock in it.

Richard Hill [00:26:19]:

You know, either, you know, enough stock to sit in my lap or enough stock to fill a a hanger, you know, and and stuff coming and going and things getting packed, some people packing and on their phones and a web team, and there's always content, isn't there? Always. Is just making that start and then the consistency, I think, which, you know, the the posting 5, 6 days. How long have you been posting for 5 or 6 days a week?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:26:43]:

So we try and post at least 2 TikToks a day. It's not easy, but just think, if you create TikToks, You've created content for other platforms as well Yeah. Which is great because it then can obviously translate over to Instagram or Facebook into a real, YouTube, etcetera. But, yeah, definitely to at least well, they actually do say they say at least 4 times Because, I think it's like the 3rd or the 4th one actually gets the most traction, but actually I found I can do 1 a day and that one might get, you know, 20 k, Thirty k views. So

Richard Hill [00:27:16]:

Yeah. That's incredible. That's incredible. Yep. I need 30 k views on Maestro.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:27:22]:

I I think

Richard Hill [00:27:23]:

we had 10 count 1 last week.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:27:24]:

That's good.

Richard Hill [00:27:24]:

I was quite pleased about. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhmm. So, last couple of questions, Jamie Lee. Yes. So, obviously, sounds like you're very, very busy lady.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:27:33]:


Richard Hill [00:27:33]:

Lots going on in a in a in a fairly new business. Now how do you balance the sort of the business side or the family side of the I'm raising her. I know you you know, we've talked quite a lot off camera about Yeah. That we both got some children and whatnot. How do you manage sort of balancing, the work side and the family side.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:27:51]:

Honestly, I don't. If I'm being transparent, I try my hardest because I am a single mom. So actually, it it is great in a way where I have my children every other weekend. So I obviously have them during the week, but

Richard Hill [00:28:03]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:03]:

I do have every other weekend off.

Richard Hill [00:28:05]:

So you have that

Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:06]:

I I try to really get as much in on them weekends. And Yeah. When I have my children, I try not to work. I mean, I say try not, but I am a makeup artist as well. So

Richard Hill [00:28:16]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:16]:

We've been at makeup artists doing wedding makeup. You know that's every weekend. It's Yeah. Chock a block. Yeah. But I don't stop. And I I can imagine you were very much the same. I'll get back from work, and I think I don't need to do anything now.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:27]:

And I've got my laptop open, and I'm doing something.

Richard Hill [00:28:30]:


Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:30]:

But I think that's the difference between someone who wants something and someone who's, like, happy to just Yeah. No. It will come if it comes.

Richard Hill [00:28:37]:

Balancing it.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:38]:

Yep. Yeah. And I think you sacrifice. I think, especially in the making of a business, you will have to sacrifice whether that's your time, people, friends, family.

Richard Hill [00:28:46]:

Yeah. It

Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:46]:

is what it is, but if you want something, you're gonna have to sacrifice a few things.

Richard Hill [00:28:50]:

That's it. That's it. Gotta put the graft in.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:28:53]:

You do.

Richard Hill [00:28:53]:

So, obviously, you have a lot of fun with your, TikToks, don't you? And, obviously, we've, I've got you on the chat on various channels since we last spoke a couple of weeks ago. And, I've got to ask you, you know, have you managed to find your sugar daddy here?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:29:09]:

Unfortunately, I'm unsuccessful in that one. So, You know, I still have, an open vacancy for that. I

Richard Hill [00:29:16]:

have open vacancy available. But, yeah, you have a lot of fun. So I, you know, I would suggest to to the guys that are with us now, you know, follow Jamie Lee, and Jamie Lee Cosmetics on all channels because it'll brighten your day. That's for sure. That's for sure. So I'd like to end every episode with a book recommendation. Do you have a book that you recommend to our listeners and viewers?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:29:34]:

Okay. So I'll be honest, I don't read, and that's not because I don't like to. I just I just can't. I think I might have some undiagnosed dyslexia. I don't know. However, I have, or I haven't read it, I have watched the documentary, The Secrets.

Richard Hill [00:29:49]:

Oh, yeah.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:29:50]:

For me Yeah. Actually, that's something I I watch with my mom. And for me, that holds a lot of value because It actually did open up my mind to different things and, you know, a different mindset of it's not happening to me, it's happening for me, and there's The reason for this, I think mindset is a is a massive thing, so definitely the secret.

Richard Hill [00:30:09]:

Brilliant. Well, thanks, Jamie Lee. It's been an absolute pleasure. For those that wanna find out about you Yeah. And more about, the Jamie Lee Cosmetics brand. What what's the best way to do that?

Jamie-lee Watts [00:30:20]:

So definitely on TikTok, our handle is Jamie Lee Cosmetics LTD, and Instagram is very much the same as well. Yeah. I do have a personal Instagram, which obviously I do post, You know, more personal things about this and life, and I'm a little bit, open on there. And if you wanna follow that one, that one is that Girl, Jamie Lee, all one word.

Richard Hill [00:30:40]:

Brilliant. Well, thanks for coming on the show.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:30:42]:

Thank you. We

Richard Hill [00:30:42]:

look forward to continuing to follow the journey.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:30:45]:

Yeah. Definitely. Thank you so much for having me.

Richard Hill [00:30:47]:

No problem at all.

Jamie-lee Watts [00:30:52]:

If you

Richard Hill [00:30:53]:

enjoyed this episode, hit the subscribe or follow button wherever you are listening to this, you're always the first to know when a new episode is released. Have a fantastic day, and I'll see you on the next one.

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