E150: Jacques Van Der Wilt

Maximising ROI with Data Feed Optimisation and Analytics

Jacques Van Der Wilt Podcast Cover data feed optimisation

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Podcast Overview

You can’t generate a tasty profit without optimising your data feed for success. 

It’s as simple as that. 

But, where do you start?

Listen to this podcast as Jacques van der Wilt shares everything you need to know to improve your ROI from your Ads. 

He’s been there and developed a software that helps thousands of companies drive performance with PPC advertising. 

eCom@One Presents

Jacques Van Der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt is the General Manager Feed Marketing and previous CEO and Founder of DataFeedWatch, a data feed marketing solution software company. They enable merchants and agencies to optimise their data feeds and campaign results for Google and 1,000+ other shopping channels in more than 50 countries, maximising their ROI

In this podcast, Jacques chats the journey of DataFeedWatch and his surprising exit as CEO. He dives deep into the world of data feed optimisation and its impact for online retailers. Jacques discusses the importance of optimising titles in feeds, the benefits of automating Text Ad campaigns and the need to prioritise profit over turnover. 

He also explores the future of feed technology, including the deeper integration of advertising channels and the use of AI to optimise data feeds. Listen in as Jacques shares how feed tech can give your business a competitive edge in the coming years.

Topics covered: 

1:49 – The journey of DataFeedWatch and exiting as CEO

6:58 – Feeds important, listeners learning, career lesson

10:21 – How to hire top tier talent

12:53 – Feed management service for online retailers

18:57 – 7% Google Merchant products disapproved and how that impacted sales

21:30 – How you should manage out of stock products to reduce the risk of annoying customers 

26:21 – Best practices for Google Shopping titles

35:04 – Companies focusing on turnover, not profit. ROAS isn’t POAS. Need to consider cost of goods and make profit

40:46 – How optimising titles led to a 250% traffic increase & how automated Text Ads impact sales

45:19 – Dynamic Search Ads with specific product targeting

47:18 – Deeper integration of advertising, analytics, AI

50:24 – Simon Sinek’s book on business philosophy

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