E151: Elif Köse

Empowering Women in Business: Strategies for Confidence and Success

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Podcast Overview

Is faking it to you make it the way to drive success? 

Elif Köse is a firm believer in the power of confidence. She understands that our emotions and external factors can sometimes affect our self-assurance, but she emphasises that confidence is not something that comes naturally to everyone. 

Elif believes that instead of faking it, it is essential to trust in your own abilities and believe that they will lead to the best possible outcome. 

eCom@One Presents

Elif Köse

Elif Köse is a Transformational Confidence Coach and Creative Director at The Leader Within You. She works with ambitious entrepreneurs to help them gain clarity and confidence and has dedicated her life for women empowerment through all her business endeavours.

Elif began her journey as a fashion designer in the UK, helping women find self-confidence through the power of fashion. 

In this episode, Elif discusses the challenges that women face in business, how to navigate a male-dominated industry and three things businesses can do to empower their women and team. She shares strategies to instil confidence and emphasises the importance of recognising and celebrating one’s own worth and capabilities. 

She also explores how societal expectations can limit women’s aspirations and the power of thoughts and the mind. Plus, Elif delves into the importance of inner confidence, self-belief and the transformative power of finding one’s true passion.

Topics covered: 

0:04 – Elif discusses women’s challenges in business, navigating male-dominated industries, and empowering women in teams

5:46 – Focus on motivation, deliver value, and don’t worry about making a mistake

11:38 – Tips for breaking the ice: use jokes, stand tall, dress well & remember your purpose

13:49 – Elif’s why and mission

20:03 –  Balance is key in running a business and having diverse input improves discussions and makes a company better. Women should overcome biases to pursue their goals.

23:48 – The need for gender balance in various countries, emphasizing the importance of women’s skills and equal opportunities.

29:36 – Helping employees gain clarity around their desires and other tips to improve employee wellbeing 

32:32 – Stress leads to sickness, self-care is important

37:09 – Book recommendation – The Experiment

Richard Hill [00:00:04]:

Hi there. I'm Richard Hill, the host of eCom@One, and welcome to episode 151. In this episode, I speak with the Elif Kose, transformational confidence coach, a leader within you. Now confidence is one of those crazy topics, emotions that I'm sure, if you're like me, have a constant roller close to ride with and navigating the day to day can bring its own internal battle. with our own confidence. A leaf works with ambitious entrepreneurs helping them gain clarity and confidence. In this episode, Elif talks all things, confidence and women in business. What are the biggest challenges women face in business? How can women navigate the challenges they face in a male dominated industry? What are the three top things that businesses can do to empower their women and their team? and Elif discusses strategies to help instill confidence and, of course, so much more in this episode. If you enjoyed this episode, hit the subscribe or follow button wherever you listen to this podcast. So you're always the first to know when a new episode is released now. Let's head over to this fantastic episode. How are you doing, Elif?

Elif Köse [00:01:04]:

Hey, Richard. Thank you. I'm great.

Richard Hill [00:01:07]:

Great to see you. Thank you. Not jealous of your background whatsoever.

Elif Köse [00:01:15]:

I know. I I am really lucky to where I am. I'm grateful.

Richard Hill [00:01:19]:

Before we came on recording, Elif, showed me where she is right now, and she's in an absolute beautiful while you're in your your home. Right? It's absolutely gorgeous, isn't it? Absolutely gorgeous for you. I'm very, very -- Yeah. very, very jealous of where you're where you're looking out of right now. But it's well, thanks for coming on this. And I think before we get into some q and a and I'm finding out a bit more about So it'd be good for you to introduce yourself to our listeners.

Elif Köse [00:01:45]:

Of course. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to share who I am and what I do with all your listeners. I am a former fashion designer and a transformational confidence coach. What I do is I help my clients get clarity and a new found confidence with that clarity and help them go through different journeys because the confidence looks different for everyone. And what I do is I often works with them in one to one basis, and we go more inner confidence and unleash their true potential.

Richard Hill [00:02:22]:

Yeah. This is a great topic. Great topic. I think I don't think we covered this side of obviously, we talk a lot of things ecommerce, but, obviously, as a as a business owner, a marketeer, you know, and anybody, you know, working in in any environment. You know, we all potentially have days and times and hours. Mhmm. know, whether it's half an hour or wherever it's, you know, weeks months at a time where we have a you know, this rock what can be, I think, a bit of a roller coaster as I Oh, we all have. I I think everybody,

Elif Köse [00:02:58]:

every single person who even shows an ooze with confidence in front of screen will have some confidence issues in their level because confidence is like a muscle. You can just keep building it. and you can have confidence in certain area, like for you, you're confident in interviewing people, asking questions, your great influence camera, perhaps you have something that you're not so confident at the background that we don't know. You sometimes you we don't even know what that is.

Richard Hill [00:03:29]:

That's so true, isn't it? You know, I think, obviously, a lot of people see a version of somebody and think, oh, that got that badly so confident. But everybody absolutely me. 150%. Me too. Everybody, of course. But I think maybe you know, or everyone else thinks that everybody else, you know, has ever happened. It's pretty confident. Yeah. And in in the moment, you know, maybe so. But Yeah. There, I can definitely put my hand up and say, you know, very recently, you know, maybe even an hour ago. You know, I'm thinking, you know, I've done a 150 to podcast now. And -- Amazing. -- the reality is, you know, before I come on some of these podcasts, Not all of them, but some. You know? I don't feel right where I wanna be, you know, and and and not as confident or confident at all in some some days. But I think I was the people maybe think that it's just a a natural thing, but it takes a bit of work, doesn't it?

Elif Köse [00:04:24]:

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it's It could be the factor of you having a bad day the night day before or bad sleep. It could be some digest. Anything can affect your feelings that day, but what What is very important that we need to remember, that confidence is not something that comes naturally to everybody Some people I used to say you can fake it till you make it. But what you really need to do is just trust that your abilities will deliver the best outcome for you and the person that you are with, whatever that you are doing. So it's just the courage I think comes with that.

Richard Hill [00:05:00]:

That's so true, isn't it? It's trying to see things can sometimes get the better off. You can't know where maybe you don't then do that thing because of your confidence. you know, and I can think back at various times where I've had to go and stand on stages and, you know, and do talks. Mhmm. found it very challenging over the year. Very, very challenging over the years. But, generally, I think having a person is like that mindset. Right? What's the worst that's gonna happen? It's way -- Exactly. What would you say to sort of people that are listening that, you know, that are maybe struggling with their confidence? You know, what sort of things would you advice to them to instill confidence and empower them in times when they may be putting a little bit more challenge than normal.

Elif Köse [00:05:46]:

Well, exactly what you said. I would say what worst could happen, and and I just remember my why. Why am I doing it and tap into that motivation? Why am I standing in front of these people? What is the outcome of delivering this talk? once I've completed in a level that these people are expecting from me because we are here to deliver. We're all here for a mission. I always believe in that. And and if you just tap into that motivation of what brings me here to stand and what am I going to deliver and add value, and and that's more important because it's not about me anymore. It's about those people who are standing there or sitting down, listening to me, so I've gotta deliver. So so it's not about you anymore. If you're standing there, you're reminded. You're the speaker. Come on. Get your act together. Don't worry about it. What worse can happen? We're all human being. If your if your symptoms get into a model, Start again. Take a deep breath and start again. Who cares? Yeah.

Richard Hill [00:06:55]:

That is brilliant, isn't it? because I, you know, I I after a 152 of these, you know, and -- Yeah. -- probably a 100 talks at least I've done. Yeah. I know And this is what I would say to listeners as well. You know? I know that I stumble, and I am an eye. I'm like, I speak really quickly and forget what I'm gonna you know? But

Elif Köse [00:07:14]:

Doesn't matter, does it? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Yeah. You know, it's like -- But you may you maybe you marked it as a guest spooker to talk about this particular subject. But once you get that, if the audience want something else from you, you can't just stick into that particular subject and order people to death. Alright? So you've gotta you're gonna just listen as in not the voices, the emotions, and the energy in the room, and see what they're wanting. because you will get it. If you are the people's person, you will get what they want, and you'll give them that And then what when you start your conversation with them, what they want, you will turn into what they actually need. That that will show your leadership. And that comes with confidence in your abilities.

Richard Hill [00:08:04]:

Okay? It's not because that you know everything. Nobody knows everything.

Elif Köse [00:08:09]:

but you have the confidence that what you know is enough.

Richard Hill [00:08:13]:

Yeah. Yeah. So I think, you know, we I touched on that. I Public speaking and speaking. And I think, you know, depending on who you listen to, they say it's, you know, one of the dying, I think it's the people they fear. People people fear it the the most. That's what that's what they say. But the peep the guys that are listening, you know, I think majority of people that are listening will be sort of marketers, running a marketing team, running a marketing department, running a business. But at times, you know, they will need to, really, speak to their team members, you know, whether it's a board or directors, whether it's on the stage. In terms of, like, What things would you say about their confidence in terms of speak public speaking? You got any specific tips around actually public speaking and and confidence?

Elif Köse [00:09:03]:

What I would suggest that you have to know who is in the room. You're visible. If you're in the marketing, you will be like a lot of people If you're a marketing, you've gotta be really good in sales as well or at least in the script that you're gonna have to put in front of your buyers or potential prospects.

Richard Hill [00:09:22]:

So you're gonna be good at. Hi there. I just wanted to take a quick break to introduce our sponsor, pricing. Pricing is a competitor price tracking and monitoring software. can dynamically change your product's prices on all sales channels. They work with brands such as Samsung, Sony and Suzuki to increase their online revenue. If you're on Google Shopping, which I know a lot of you guys do, this software is absolutely key to accelerating profit. One of the reasons I recommend pricing to my clients is because can find out your competitors' pricing and stock availability in one simple to understand dashboard, giving you a huge competitive advantage. If you have any questions about this software or your ready to get started with a free 14 day trial, head to econone.comforward/contact and complete the inquiry form, and we will connect our listeners to the pricing team. Right. Let's head straight back to this fantastic episode. That and you if you can just

Elif Köse [00:10:09]:

if you can just get your main points clear and ask questions, and people will answer if you're feeling nervous. You've got no words coming out of your mouth. Just ask one question that is crucial. With an answer that you get from one person because there'll always be one person who's ready to ask a question. You can just start to ball rolling. And just remember They are there to listen. They trust that you're gonna give them something. So when you believe in yourself, they will you will deliver it. But if you're if you're questioning your abilities, if you're questioning your expertise, it will come across from the word, your body language, with your attention to details when you're talking with your words, I think just Just ask one question, and the rest will just come, and you'll forget you're actually talking to hundred people in that room. Yeah. That's great. I really like that because I think

Richard Hill [00:11:14]:

I see a few people doing this where to stand there, you know, maybe before the talk starts, quite often, you know, you're you're going to a stage or you're going to an area to do a talk. you know, and people will start to filter in. Maybe having that little conversation with the front row, you know, and then start and I it sort of eases yourself into that talk, but also you're starting a connection with the audience. Mhmm. Quite a quite a --

Elif Köse [00:11:38]:

Oh, you can just do those ice breakings. Like, make a joke. Yeah. Yeah. Like, start with their joke and let people let's just change the energy because you you all you have to have that level of power physically, and and I know the physical stand standing also helps. You gotta make sure that your shoulders are back you're standing because that you know, when you when you see those super women or super men, and they always stand like this, But there's a power in that that -- Yeah. -- that way of standing physically, then you will suddenly you're opening your chest opening your airways, and you're actually giving that image that you've got something to say. You've got a dress for it as well. That's very important. coming from fashion background. I I've helped women for over 14 years with their appearance and help them feel confident with the power of fashion. And I still believe it's very important because people judge you with with your dress, with your outfit, although they would always say, oh, don't ever judge a book by its cover. I have never seen anyone buy a book after reading the whole thing, so we do judge it. So I wouldn't second second chance it, and I'll dress for it, and then stand for it. And then let let the the rest comes because you're not there to impress anybody. If that's the reason you are there, then you are in the wrong route. You gotta change that. You could've find your biggest why why you are doing it, tap back into that motivation because then you won't feel nose because you're there for a mission. Your mission is to help people with marketing. Help your team with their sales results. Help your team. Whatever that is, You've gotta tap into that because that's your why. If you don't if you forget that, just stay still. and go back to it.

Richard Hill [00:13:45]:

Love it. Absolutely love it. So why then, Luis?

Elif Köse [00:13:49]:

Well, my why is to empower women. I work with women mainly, although I have male clients, and I work with companies as well. and liberate people from feelings of stuck and worrying about other people and waiting for external validation. to feel that they're great because these external validations of, like so I don't need somebody to tell me that I gave a really good talk to know that I gave a great talk. I don't need someone to tell me that my latest design was fabulous. I know that it was fabulous for me. Yeah. because I'm not here to impress anyone. My wise, empower, and liberate, I wanna help entrepreneurs tap into their inner confidence. Because when you have that inner confidence, it comes back to my fashion design and helping people with their outer confidence. That's what you need because outer confidence is great. But once you take your costume off like Superman, you lose your power. Yeah. What I want you to have is that inner power, that you believe in yourself that you deserve the abundance, enjoy, and unapologetic confidence. That's why I do it. I just want everyone to have that because we do have it. I mean, I am a Turkish girl who came to England 17 years ago, with £265. I couldn't speak a word of English. And if I am standing here and helping and talking about confidence, eCom on.

Richard Hill [00:15:29]:

Who else? Who else? You know, you can do it. Right. Do you know what? What you just said there? That sounds like almost that you got the ultimate job, the ultimate life because helping people with their confidence and see I guess, transformation from people, you know, in people. Mhmm. That must be so rewarding for you.

Elif Köse [00:15:48]:

Absolutely. Because I have been there. I have felt worthless. I felt not enough. I felt that I will speak the wrong word. I will use a wrong sentence or wrong tense in English, you know, past tense, present tense past continuous tense with all these tenses. But I realized I was losing my message whilst I was trying to perfect my English. Yeah. But words get into people, it doesn't matter what cent tense you use or what word you use. Because if you if your passion shows throughly with everything you do. They hear you. They're not so it doesn't important. The meanings you give into those words are important If you're surrounding yourself with people who believe in you, who need what you give them, that's what matters. That's what I did. I I focused in my strengths. I knew my insecurities very clearly, but I focused in my strengths knowing my insecurities, which helped me grow slowly step by step. So I I know what it feels like to have this inner confidence. That's why I wanna help everyone to have it because the power comes with it is transformative.

Richard Hill [00:17:09]:

Yeah. So you you you're saying, obviously, you work with a lot of a lot of females, a lot of a lot of women. So what are some of the general trends that you see with women in business at the moment?

Elif Köse [00:17:19]:

Well, I see a growing trend that a lot of women stepping into the into leadership roles and started their own businesses. And and and they are recognizing their strengths more than this societal pressure that we have as women. on us, especially if you choose to be a mother. It is the it is the worst you know, it's it's the worst pressure that we have as a mother to a five year old myself. I I I like seeing that they are stepping up and taking their leadership roles. I work with women in several figure businesses, women CEOs, who are in boarded, like, in board offer big companies, and it all always comes down to confidence. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because I can give you all the framework You can take another course or a certificate to have that certificate next to your name. If you don't have that inner confidence, All those will just mean nothing.

Richard Hill [00:18:23]:

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's yeah. We got we got students on our our board on our management team. And it's the best thing we ever did to, you know, in in our business, and I think why Right? We had a we had 33 taps on our on our, you know, management team for many years. And then out 2 years ago, I'm a little bit less actually. introduced 2 other ladies into the leadership team and just been brilliant, you know, that obviously -- Yeah. Women bring a different perspective

Elif Köse [00:18:55]:

into the business world. and and we are very good at thinking out the box. It comes from our I think it goes back millions of years, you know, when you think about it, in, you know, in stonehenge time, man's job was to go out and hunt. Right? All they did hunt. They had to be quiet, focused, do one thing because otherwise, the you know, they they had to hunt and bring food to the tribe. And what women did, brought up children, managed everything. They they managed a tribe. They managed a man. It was, like, We come from that natural instincts of managing and seeing things forward, thinking out the box. We have We have positive outlook into things when it comes to the obstacles or or challenges. So it is really important to have these balance in workplace to have both male and female. Because together, I think we create a very balanced harmonical workplace.

Richard Hill [00:20:03]:

Yeah. Yeah. I think balance is probably the great word for it. It brings a real good balance. We had a -- Mhmm. -- we have a every 6 months, we have a what what was called an e a EOS Day. Entrepreneurs operating system is something that we run-in our business and a framework that we run our business on. and we had a full day yesterday, the 5 of us. So three chaps and and 2 ladies. And -- Mhmm. Yeah. Just everyone's sort of input Get a real balance, you know, in certain things. Yeah. We've got strong opinion you know, strong opinions, and it was just really nice balance where I think if certain individuals weren't in the room, you know, the you know, we would have had slight different discussions, and it was just a really nice balance. And I think, you know, as a company where a lot better company for it. Absolutely. So, you know, how can women sort of overcome gender biases and stereotypes then to pursue their goals and aspirations? because I think there are still unfortunately, there, you know, challenges out there. I

Elif Köse [00:21:06]:

It's the you know, the woman can overcome gender bias and stereotypes. by challenging societal norms, I think. You know? And if they they can build a network like support network for themselves and advocating themselves. It is really important to to recognize and celebrate their own worth and their capabilities. And, yeah, but not letting the external expectation limit their aspirations because We have these expectations to be hardworking, good looking, fit, sexy, smart. You know? We want we we the the societal expectation is this. You know? And I see so many women I I have witnessed so many women come to me when I had my boutique for 10 years. I used to help them with the outfits. and those women would always have physical issues and, like, how they felt with man, like, a man who would walk into a boardroom, wouldn't care if their belly is sticking sticking out or or their shirt has got mark eCom. But women would feel totally ashamed. They would want to they would want to feel, you know, pretty, fit, and they will talk about how big their belly or how fat their ties. And and I just want them to just stop these external expectations limit their dreams. And if they wanna go and if they don't even need to ask if I want to, they can do it. I know that. We are very good. We're smart. We're all smart. All just need to do just get in there and don't don't let the societal norm dictate how you can live or can't live.

Richard Hill [00:23:05]:

So that's brilliant. So what would you say to businesses business owners that are listening that want sort of they've got a, you know, maybe a male dominated management team, and they wanna empower, you know, the women in their team, what are some of their sort of things that they should be looking to It sounds like a deaf question in one way, but, you know, what what would you be your top things that business owners can do to empower women in their team? You know, I'm assuming -- I think -- -- already are. But but I think there'll be a lot of people that that maybe aren't. So what would be what would you say to those people that are listening?

Elif Köse [00:23:48]:

I see you know, in you in you in the UK and Europe and and the USA, I think the balance is is getting so much better, but when you go go to the, you know, east and eastern countries and Asia, you see 1 or 2 women within their within their group photographs, and it always disheartens me to see. I think women have, like I said, they have got skills to navigate through challenges. They are very good at seeing outside the box. They have got net natural bringing people together and keeping the balance together, especially if it's a mix sex group. It's really good, but I would suggest perhaps create a supportive group, and perhaps you could have an a mentor who would actually bring their perspective because I see I hear from some of my clients that if there is a meeting in in their you know, like sales meeting in the company, and they'll be in the meeting room, and there's only 2 women amongst fifteen men. And if there's teeth needs to be made, and they would always look at the women. to do it as it's expected for them if if women can do it. And I always say in a completely different plot, and I would say Why do you think woman is only capable of making tea? Because I think men are clever enough to put the kettle on and put the tea bag in a pot in in a in a mug. and put hot water in it. I think they're also smart doing that because, you know, it's just like, oh, yeah. But, you know, so we need to just cut that. We need to create that -- Yeah. -- balanced environment and equal environment within the the company and give them equal opportunities. And especially same thing goes like if there are I see this happening, this is also putting man into space. Like, if they're working in an office and there's one person needs to stay for an evening work. It's always the man is staying and woman having to go back home because of the child. but there are there are male part their parts that also need -- Yeah. -- to go back, and they have children to look after. So there is also inequality there. Yeah. That's very true. Yeah. It's -- So what I always brings with, why don't we just stop the work there? So neither of them days because we witness that during the pandemic, the life doesn't stop. Businesses don't go under. You can finish all five, and you don't have to stay till midnight. A mother doesn't have to rush back home or father because My husband works for other companies, and that was our case. You know? I had my own business. I would have to pick up my son, but I would have my evening calls. And if there was one person had to stay within their company, it was always my husband having to stay. which affected my business. Yeah. So I'm sure this was also happening to other people. So we have to create that equal Right. Equal opportunities for both sides.

Richard Hill [00:27:17]:

It's a great point. I know, like, big artists of, like, maternity in the UK. I mean, it's different country to country, but in the UK is something we've we've just revised in our business a few weeks ago. you know, because the the men, you know, sort of a standard maternity is 2 weeks, maternity, where Mhmm. -- late and stuff. They need bonding with their children. So, you know, we've got somebody in the business who's gonna be taking 3 months off with, you know, with their with their newborn child, which, you know, is great. You know? But I think, you know, they get a bit of a bad deal, really. You know, the the chaps do. A bad deal. when the, you know, the ladies are getting 9, 12 or 12 months potentially.

Elif Köse [00:28:01]:

Yeah. It's you know, it works both ways, doesn't it? So -- But that also leaves the woman in a in a worse to it because after 12 months of a distance from work, they lose their momentum. They lose their they they because you need to keep your education. You have to keep growing your knowledge. You can't just stay. But when you're a mother looking after this little human being, you have got your first lack of sleep, and then your your body is adjusting after such a big event. It's traumatic in certain ways. You know? I've worked with many women who had birth gave birth and had these traumatic results afterwards, so we work through that inner confidence that way too. So So it's all about balance. I think we have to create this level of environment that is each parties feeling equal and and both side having rights and opportunities at the same level.

Richard Hill [00:28:58]:

That's brilliant. So, obviously, you've worked with a lot of different entrepreneurs and women in business. Maybe step us through sort of specific strategies and outcomes around something that you've worked with over the last year or so.

Elif Köse [00:29:14]:

What do you mean? Like, what is the what is the steps I walk them through?

Richard Hill [00:29:19]:

So you you're working with ladies that maybe Not all the time, I I believe. But, you know, majority of your clients are are are late are late. Yeah. It's about a time when you work with somebody, you know, and what you did. with them, what the outcome was for that potential of that client.

Elif Köse [00:29:36]:

So first, what we do is we get clarity. because most people don't have what they want because they don't know what it is. So what I do is they'll help them get clarity around what they want. What is it exactly that they want? Once they peel off all the layers of identities that they adopted or being given or inherited, Once you peel off all those identities as you solidly, Richard, what do you want? Once you get that clarity, What happens is you we identify where you need help with. Is it in your business or is it in your life? Is it in your personal them a lot that you need help with because then we create a strategy. We create an action plan, and all you will have to do is execute them. in the time frame that we decide together with the given opportune given commitments that you already have. So I I do a lot of Zoom meetings. A lot of my clients, I work from states to Australia. I've got so many from the UK. I probably have 2 or 3 clients that I actually meet 1 to 1 for meetings. my most popular year coaching mentorship is that we come together for retreats in this place that you admired for 5 days, and we're really going to the root cause of what is it that that stopping you to allow the feelings when they come because a lot of people are afraid of letting their feelings come through, so they suppress it. So the more you resist it, the more problems and illnesses and and and the cancer and tumor and all sorts of things comes out of our body because our body keeps the score there's a great book that I would highly recommend that you should read that. Yeah. I've got an article. Yeah. I've got I've got actually another book that I'd hide of commend people to see what I do because I do exactly what that book does. So I it depends what the individual needs because we're all different parts and different levels and knowledge and skill level we are. So it will be depending on where you are at and what you want. We will create your specific personalized plan, or you will have to do is just execute it.

Richard Hill [00:32:15]:

I wanna go back to what you said there. I think you were gonna talk about the book, but the know, the I think you said the body keeps it keeps the score. Body -- Yeah. Tell me more, but I I like that. Tell me more.

Elif Köse [00:32:32]:

So what happens is Let's say you have a massive event coming up. You work towards it. You're stressed. You're so stressed. You don't sleep at night. You don't do anything. You You can't eat, you can't drink, or you eat overeat because of the stress. Everybody is different. Like I said, they're all individuals. None of us are the same. I come from family of like, I've got I'm 1 of 3, and both my brothers are completely 2 different personalities than me. and we both grew up in the same house, and we all perceived everything happened in our lifetime whilst we lived in our family home is completely different. How my childhood is completely different to my brother when we talk about it. So so what happens is you get stress and that stress ends up in sick sickness like post event. As soon as your event is over, what happens, you're sick. You've got cold. You've got no. Your body is like, excuse my language, just goes, fuck this. I can't I can't handle this anymore. I need to be in bed, and you end up being in bed. That brings you back to self care. It is really important that self love, you have to embrace self love and practice self compassion. It is really essential for building strength and resilience. If you don't do that, if you don't have regular breaks, if you don't have in your diary time for you, just for you, not to be fit, not to be healthy or 6 packs. Who cares? Just for you, even if it means just standing still for 30 minutes with no music, nothing. In my retreats, we have one day off silence day. Nobody's allowed to talk. One word. You're not allowed to use your phone. I actually collect them in a box. We're not even allowed to communicate because when we communicate, we can't help, but say the words that we think that person opposite us expecting us to say. So when you have that practice, you're allowing your emotions to come through and break through them.

Richard Hill [00:34:54]:

Yeah. Oh, I love it. I love it. I love it. I think a lot of our listeners now will be thinking about that. It's yeah. you know, that that example of an event, you know, it's a huge thing. You know? And then --

Elif Köse [00:35:07]:

Yeah. We always have these like sale targets at the end of the month, at the end of the week. This is, like, the momentum builds up if their sales go wrong for some reason or you don't hit the to target the stress you put it on yourself. Some people have it on their neck. Some people have it on their head. Some people have on their knees. Very random. It could be anywhere your body gives you a sign, and just look at it. You might get cold sores after certain things. If you're angry or, like, boiling and then you haven't said that word that it was just sitting in there and you didn't say it, it comes out as it's cold sore. It comes out ulcers in your mouth. it comes out out to your body.

Richard Hill [00:35:55]:

Brilliant. Yeah. Been absolute pleasure having a chat. Last couple of questions. So crystal ball -- Sure. -- really. When we think about women in business, what do you see in the future being like?

Elif Köse [00:36:11]:

I see more women in leadership positions, and I will do my part. to make that happen because this will create equal workplace And energy wise, we need both male and female input to create this. We need the receivers. We need givers. It's a natural part of human being and and and universe. And and, yeah, that's what I see. I just see more women steps stepping up In that power, I see more women creating feminine feminine work environment because it's beautiful. It's kind. It's loving. It's compassionate. It's mothering. It's in our nature.

Richard Hill [00:36:59]:

Alright. That's brilliant. Well, thank you so much. for coming on the show. I like to end every episode with a book recommendation. Yeah. But maybe 2 books by a sound of it that you'd like to recommend.

Elif Köse [00:37:09]:

Well, my one book that I would like to recommend, it was actually gifted to me by one of my clients who I helped transform her life, and it's called the experiment by. It's It was gifted to me after we walked through and had few sessions after 6 months, and she's the the stories around how -- works. And and the woman in there in the book is actually doing almost what I'm doing, and the book was gifted to me as to say thank you for being my mother, the woman's name is ma in the book. And I'd highly recommend because it will help you see your emotions, your past, how our past defines our thinking process and how the choices we make when events happen. because life is happening, and anything changes on the decision you make of that event. It's up to you how you decide because, like, the raining it's raining outside. So it will be all down to your decision if that raining is depressive or is the romantic. And this book is going to walk you through how powerful is your thoughts and your mind.

Richard Hill [00:38:40]:

Beautiful. I am buying that literally in 30 seconds.

Richard Hill [00:39:11]:

Everything up. Well, thank you for coming on the show. Thanks for having me. See you. Thanks very much. Bye. Thanks. Bye. Thank you for listening to the eCom@One ecommerce podcast. If you enjoyed today's show, please hit subscribe, and don't forget to sign up to our ecommerce newsletter that leaves a review on tunes. This podcast has been brought to you by our team here at eComOne, the eCom marketing agency.

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