E115: Christie McLean & Elliot Gregory

How to Compete with Amazon's Own Products to Maximise Sales Velocity

E115 Elliot and Christie Podcast Amazon Ads

Podcast Overview

Two podcast guests for one, aren’t you lucky! Amazon Ads are a great way to get your products in front of new customers when there is high search intent. 

Find out how to win with this channel in this week’s podcast! 

eCom@One Presents:

Elliot and Christie

Christie McLean, CS Lead at Perpetua and Elliot Gregory, Account Executive at Perpetua join us on the eCom@One podcast to chat about all things Amazon Ads. Perpetua helps the world’s best brands improve Ad performance across Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and more. 

Through the platform, brands and sellers create goals based on strategy and rely on Perpetua’s best-in-class, always-on optimisation to execute tactically.

In this podcast, they share why you should be Advertising on Amazon and how to get your products competing with their own (which of course they will push!). Christie discusses how to split your branded and unbranded searches to maximise results. 

Find out why Amazon is different from Google and Facebook Advertising, the biggest challenge eCommerce companies have with creative and how to maximise sales with this channel. Telling your brand story, measuring success and mistakes are also covered in this podcast.

Topics Covered:

1:31 – How Christie entered the world of eCommerce 

3:08 – How Elliot entered the eCom game

6:43 – Benefits of Advertising on Amazon

10:26 – Amazon Ads strengths over Google and Facebook Advertising

12:24 – Sponsored Ads – splitting branded and unbranded searchers 

13:38 – Biggest challenges with creative

16:18 – Maximising sales velocity 

17:58 – Mistakes eCommerce businesses make with their Ads on Amazon time and time again 

20:13 – How to compete with Amazon’s own products

24:30 – Amazon Demand Platform 

26:16 – Telling your brand story on Amazon

28:16 – Measuring success with Amazon

31:50 – The future of Amazon Ads

40:20 – Book recommendation

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