E183: Benjamin Lang

How Mid-Sized eCommerce Companies Can Cut Their Costs But Still Grow In This Current eCommerce Landscape

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Podcast Overview

Rising costs in eCommerce stores got you worried? 

This episode sheds light on cost savings through customer loyalty and reevaluating the tech stack for potential reduction. 

It’s time to innovate and make the most of every penny!

Benjamin Lang

You can cut your costs and scale your eCommerce business at the same time. It’s all about prioritisation and actually focusing on what moves the needle. 

In this episode of the eCom@One Podcast Benjamin Lang, Head of Northern Europe and Dach for Partnership at Shopify, delves deep into the rapidly changing world of eCommerce. He shares actionable insights from his portfolio of global clients. 

Shopify is the leading platform for mid-sized eCommerce businesses, trusted by millions of companies worldwide. They work with some of the most well-known brands.

Together, Richard and Ben discuss the need for a unified commerce experience, the importance of customer loyalty, the personalised brand experiences and the strategies and challenges of accelerating growth in the eCommerce space. 

They also highlight the latest innovations and features released by Shopify, the complexities of replatforming and the evolving landscape of customer behaviour and regulations. He also touches on his experience as an olympic athlete and how he uses those experiences to shape his future career. 

Tune in to find out how you can overcome a plateau and the key tactics and trends that are shaping the eCommerce industry. 

Topics Covered

00:23 – Ben’s experience in tech that has led him to working at Shopify 

06:13 – Leadership, retail and omnichannel

08:31 – Merchants need unified online shopping experience and how to achieve that

15:09 – Customer data aggregation boosts informed decision-making and market impact

16:55 – Challenges of growing an eCommerce store

20:03 – How the Shopify and Apple IOS updates impact loyalty

24:43 – Focus on innovation and prioritise ideal client profile

26:57 – Specialist agency owners must stay focused to succeed

33:01 – Seek understanding, analyse competition and partner wisely

34:31 – Seek experienced partners and attend trade shows for networking 

37:58 – Plan for future business opportunities and costs

41:15 – Understanding cultural nuances is essential in global business

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