E109: Austin Simms

Surviving the Future of eCommerce With Transparent Communication. Find out How Sustainable Your Products Are With Dayrize

Austin Simms

Podcast Overview

Consumers value floored heroes, so be one. 

We still have time to reverse climate change, we can still save animals from mass extinction, we can keep clothing out of landfills and we can keep the world spinning around for a long time. But, we have to act and we have to do it now. 

Wear better. Buy better. Be better. You don’t need a new dress for every night out. You don’t need to order clothes every two days. Our consumerism is killing the planet. Upcycle, recycle, buy with thought and care for our planet. 

Listen to this podcast episode to find out how sustainability is the key for the future of eCommerce. 

eCom@One Presents:

Austin Simms

Austin Simms is the CEO of Dayrize, a sustainable impact measurement technology that allows businesses to understand the impact of their products on the environment by assessing environmental and social factors.  Austin has worked in the world of eCommerce for over 20 years for some of the most respected brands, such as Nike and TomTom. 

In this episode, Austin shares some immediate changes eCom business can make to do better for the planet. How their technology has helped companies like Target in the US be more transparent with their customers. 

He gives an in-depth insight into the tool, the quality of the data and how it analyses at a product level. This allows brands to give their customers the option to add a sustainable filter on their website. However, Austin shares the scary truth, why people’s behaviour isn’t matching up to the conversation. 

Sustainability is one of the top three priorities for businesses right now, but there’s still a long way to go. Find out how your business can validate your sustainability claims, reduce costs and build brand validity with this tool. 

Topics Covered:

1:41 – Why he decided to devote his career to sustainability

4:10 – The mission behind Dayrize

6:57 – The five dimensions of sustainability

8:39 – The quality of the data

10:44 – What brands can do to become more sustainable

13:45 – Filtering products by their sustainable score 

19:20 – How the big players are investing time and resources into reducing their footprint

21:40 – Examples of businesses doing it right

25: 47 – Why behaviour isn’t matching up to the conversation 

30:05 – Transparency is the future

31:19 – Book recommendation 

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