Why You Should Be Using Google Ads Right Now

Google is without question the largest search engine around, with billions of search queries occurring every day.

In the UK, Google holds 89.1% of Search Engine Market Share, making it the perfect platform for eCommerce stores to advertise their products and services.

So What Exactly Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, allowing you to display Ads in multiple formats across the Google network and partners, to its many users.

If you want more information regarding the different advertising campaign types on Google Ads, you can read our blog looking at what Google Ads are and how they work.



Many businesses are already profiting by using Google Ads, whether it be Search, Shopping, Display or another form of advertising through Google’s Ad Network.


But Why Exactly Should You be Using Google Ads?


A Worldwide Reach

Google operates in 219 different countries, with 1.17 billion people using the search engine, making it the perfect platform for you to reach potential clients and customers. YouTube, owned by Google and used as a placement for Display and Video advertisements, allows you to be shown to 1.3 billion users, who go on to watch nearly 5 billion videos a day. Google’s Display Network may be the real eye catcher, with Google claiming that it allows them to reach over 90% of internet users Worldwide!


Easily Manage Your Budget & Spend

One of the biggest perks of using Google Ads is how there is no minimum investment needed, and you can manage how and when you spend your budget. With Google Ads you can simply set your daily budget and individual bids, meaning you can easily manage how much your campaigns will cost you, only paying when somebody clicks on your Ad.

Paying only when your Ads are clicked on is one of the largest benefits of using Google Ads, with other social media and traditional media marketing alternatives costing you based on impressions and flat rates respectively. Google Ads allows you to bid in multiple ways, so you can choose the option that best suits your advertising needs. Cost-per-click is the most used form of bidding, but there are also options to pay for conversions, which are still in beta.


Measure & Analyse What Works

Measuring and analysing the results of your Google campaigns is made simple through the Ad platform, with the metric table showing you exactly how much was spend on each campaign and the results that it brought in, as well as offering predefined reports located with the reports section.

The predefined reports can show you a breakdown of your statistics based on everything from geographical location and day of the week, to showing you which Ad extensions were most beneficial to your campaigns.

The metrics and reports offered on Google Ads allow you to easily analyse your digital marketing performance, showing you what has worked and what has not, and also helping you make more well-informed changes to your campaigns.


Showcase Your Products With Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows eCommerce stores to advertise their products to Google users searching for queries related to their product. These Ads appear at the top of search result pages in a carousel format. Clicking on the Ad takes the user directly to the product landing page on your website, cutting down on the path length towards a conversion.

eCommerce stores can use Google Shopping to show off all of their products automatically to millions of users searching for products like theirs. Shopping Ads generate 60% of retailers Google search ad clicks, making them crucial for eCommerce stores when it comes to getting the most out of the Google Ads software.



It’s Faster Than SEO

Getting to the top of page one on Google’s results page can take time organically through SEO. While SEO remains crucially important, you sometimes need results instantly.

A study by ahrefs found that the average age of a page within the top ten organic search results is over 2 years old. If you are pushing a new catalogue of products or a new page with new services on your website, you cannot be waiting this long.

This is where Google Ads offers a helping hand. Using the Google Search Network you can place bids on keywords relating to these products or landing pages to push your Ad to the top of the first page. If you want to appear on either the first page or specifically the top of the first page. You can use Google Ads “Target Search Page Location” bidding strategy.


Direct Customers To Your Best Landing Pages

Google Ads also allows you to point users to your best landing pages. While you may appear on the first page organically for “trainers”, you may not see the best conversion rates with the page containing a piece of vague information regarding your products and services.

Adidas use Google Ads to point users to either the men’s or women’s section of their website depending on the gender of the user searching for their brand name. An example can be seen below.


Example of a Google Ad



Doing so cuts the users’ path length to complete a conversion, with them not having to navigate through your home and category pages. You can use a similar tactic on your Ads to push users to your best selling categories or products.


Your Competitors Probably Use Google Ads

There’s a 95% chance your competitors are using Google Ads, which means they are taking full advantage of a worldwide reach containing many potential customers searching and looking for products like theirs, and yours.

While you may appear on the first page organically, your competitors may still be appearing above you through Google Shopping and Text Ads, seeing customers click through onto your competitors’ website as opposed to purchasing through your website.

There are many reasons why eCommerce stores should be using Google Ads to showcase their company and products. The global reach, ease of measuring results and having a budget of your choice, make Google Ads a great platform to grow, develop and drive your sales.

Using Google Ads correctly can drive a business to the next level. At eComOne, we specialise in optimising the performance of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. Our team contains experts in Google Shopping, Search, Display and Video campaigns, using innovative techniques that profit our clients.

If you would like to know more about how we could help with your Google Advertising, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

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