Planning Ahead For Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a tremendous opportunity to boost your eCommerce stores revenue ahead of Christmas. It started of as being a one day event and now it lasts for around two weeks.

This year, Black Friday takes place on the Friday 29th November, known as the first day of the holiday shopping period. Even though the date changes every year, it consistently provides the opportunity for businesses to sell their stock for lower prices in time for Christmas.

It is important to keep in mind that to have a successful Black Friday, you need to know how to prepare your business for a very busy day and build a campaign that is going to make people aware of your deals.

Below you can find five important statistics from 2018’s Black Friday.

  • Barclaycard reported that transactions were up by 10% year on year by 3pm on Black Friday. However, the spending value was down by 12%, this does suggest that people were spending less but buying more.


  • Online browsing had 1.2 billion website visits between the 19th and 25th November, only a 1% decrease from the year before.


  • Amazon held a 26% share of the Black Friday market, a 3% increase from last year. They claimed that last year’s Black Friday was their busiest day of the year.


  • The biggest growth in terms of web traffic was within the grocery sector, with a 12% year on year increase.


  • Between the Monday and Thursday leading up to Black Friday, 67% of all discounts were introduced – A 17% increase from 2017.


So, what can you do to make sure 2019’s Black Friday provides you with fantastic results like the above? We have selected what we think are the most important areas for you to focus your efforts.


Plan a Start & End Date

If you are planning on having a Black Friday campaign this year, then you need to make sure you know exactly when the sale is going to start and when it is going to finish. This is very important for your staff and marketing team so they know what they are promoting and when. It is also very important to make sure in whatever format of marketing you are doing, that you make your start and end date clear. A strategy that we have seen work well, is when your end date is approaching use call to actions on your website and social media platforms, such as, “don’t miss out” or “stock is running low” this will show shoppers that your sale is nearly over and might give you one more push.


Website Checks

Most people like to enjoy Black Friday shopping from the comfort of their own home. It is crucial to make sure your website is fully equipped to handle the high number of visitors. Elements to check include, Site Speed, your website needs to be able to handle a high amount of traffic without becoming slow or inactive. To check your website’s site speed you can use a tool called GT Metrix, it will provide you with a score of how fast your site is as well as points that you can work on to increase your site speed. Mobile is an extremely popular device to use nowadays for internet browsing, so it is vital that your website is fully mobile optimised, this includes the design, the speed and the user experience.


Black Friday


Optimise Your Product Pages

Once you have decided on the products you will be using in your Black Friday sales, you need to make sure your product pages are up to date, and as optimised and as helpful as possible. A good trick is to include seasonal keywords such as “black Friday sale” and “Christmas gifts” this helps to promote what the sale is for and also helps with your keyword rankings. By having your product pages fully optimised you are giving search engines plenty of time to index each page.


Content Creation & Blogs

Content creation and blogging play an important part in your Black Friday promotions as it helps you to attract a significant amount of organic traffic to your site before and during sales. If your business has a reasonable budget for marketing, then it is a good idea to put some money behind blogs and make sure you have them promoted on your social media channels. Other content formats including infographics and PDFs are a good idea for promoting your Black Friday sales because they allow you to be a lot more visual and include more data and information.

It is important to remember to optimise your content for SEO before uploading. This includes adding internal links to category and product pages and making sure you include a call to action and selling points to convince people to buy from you.


Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to encourage visits to your website over the holiday season, with a lot of social media platforms being free, it is important to take full advantage of what you have to promote your deals. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great for pushing high-demand products and showing how good looking your brands are. As well as posting on your social media platforms organically, it is also a good idea to check out advertising, especially on Facebook as this allows you to decide on the type of audience that you are targeting with your sales, you can also choose the length of time it is shown for and how much budget is going behind the post.



Find out more about Facebook Advertising for Black Friday in our blog: Last Minute Tips For Your Black Friday Facebook Ads.



Remarketing is a fantastic way of trying to get users to come back to your website. You can use remarketing for search engines and on Facebook, they are both extremely effective. You can decide on how long you are going to have the remarketing live for and also what users you are going to target. For example, you can remarket to users who have visited your website in the last 30 days. It is important to remember, if you are going to use remarketing, you make sure your images and text is engaging and tells users why they should come back to your website.


Know How Much Stock You have

No matter what type of product it is that you are selling, you need to know how much stock you have and that this is reflected on your website. If you are running low on the stock that you are planning on using for your sale, then now is a good time to order more if you feel you need it. As well as having enough stock, you also need to make sure you have enough of the other essentials, for example, packaging materials, shopping bags and receipt tape.



As well as having the products to sell in your sale, you need to make sure you have a knowledgeable team working on and around Black Friday. If your business is a brick and mortar store then it is important that your staff know what is on offer and where these products are in the shop. You may want to consider having more staff than usual working or possibly hiring temporary staff. If your business is online, then it is important to have someone monitoring your website, in case something breaks, or goes out of stock and changes need to be made on the website.


Abandoned Cart Strategy

During Black Friday, basket abandonment rates increase to 75%. There are many reasons why people abandon their online baskets, but normally, the main reason is that shoppers are comparing prices with multiple websites to find the best deal. If you already have an abandonment email campaign set up for Black Friday, then you could try and alter your trigger timings to see whether different times work best for you. Another way to optimise your abandoned cart strategy is by looking at the creativity behind it, with Black Friday only happening once a year, you need to make sure it looks engaging and draws customers to come back to your website.


Track Your Campaign

It is all well and good creating lots of campaigns and putting plans in place for your Black Friday sales, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do is… Track your campaign! If you don’t track how well the campaign has gone then you won’t know whether it was successful.

Google Analytics is the best platform to use to find out about your orders, and which landing pages have worked best. By looking at the Sessions and Bounce Rate columns you will be able to work out whether these pages need more work on them for next time or whether they worked well.

If a lot of your marketing is done on social media platforms then the majority of channels will have an insights section which will let you see how well your social media posts have done. A useful tip is, if you had a Black Friday sale last year, then compare the data and then you will be able to see if you did better or worse, and what you did differently.

Overall, Black Friday provides a great platform to jump-start your Christmas shopping campaigns, with help from some exciting offers and discounts. Remember not to discount your brand too heavily, but we do recommend that you put that little extra budget into promoting your Black Friday campaigns. If you need any assistance with the above, then we are here to help you. Call us on 01427 338204 or email on


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