Google Shopping Management

Google Ads: The Hybrid Model is the perfect blend of automation and human intelligence to sell your products online.

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Our Google Shopping Management Services Include:

A Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a fully Google qualified Account Manager from the start.

Full Account Set Up

End to end Account Setup, from scratch, or we can use your existing account.

Feed Optimisation

We will always customise your product feed specifically for Google Shopping.

ROI Driven Approach

All actions are ROI driven, using a level of automation to deliver a deep understanding of all your data.

Systematic Account Management

With our "Google Ads: The Hybrid Model framework" every detail is managed with checklists and a methodical approach.

Automation Set Up

We create our own scripts with a tailored set of rules for every account

Why Google Shopping Management?

Our Google Shopping hybrid model has combined the power of Google’s own AI with human expertise (our team) to create an in-depth process to transform your sales.

We manage our accounts on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis to make sure the campaigns are analysed and optimised regularly.

A priority-driven, methodical approach to Google Shopping management is crucial to achieving the best results in terms of overall conversion value and ROI.

Google’s AI can sometimes overspend. Therefore, it is imperative that our team closely monitor campaigns to make sure they remain profitable and generate a high Return on Ad Spend.

If results aren’t analysed properly, opportunities to capitalise on high performing products will be lost. Through systematic monthly management, wasted spend can be reduced and high performing areas can be identified and optimised.

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Google Shopping Management

We hear the same questions about our Google Shopping process from most prospective clients.

What Makes Our Approach to Shopping Management Different?

  • We use systematic management routines; using a set of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly management tasks to optimise an account
  • Machine learning provides us with a huge amount of data to analyse and combining it with a human’s ability to understand the psychology of buyer behaviour equals a recipe for success
  • We create bespoke scripts and use sophisticated automation. For large accounts, this makes it possible to make thousands of optimisations a week, which would not be possible just using manual adjustments.    

When do we use Automation?

Automation has been an extremely useful tool, enabling us to avoid spending tens of hours making routine manual adjustments; these changes are instead completed by the bespoke scripts we have developed.

We use automation very carefully. In order for a change to apply – strict criteria need to be met – and a number of performance variables will need to be satisfied. Individual automated adjustments are small and incremental, the frequency of the scripts mean these compound over time. The “saved” time analysing data trends in more depth, making more advanced adjustments; and implementing innovative features in the campaigns we manage.

How do we use Keyword Filtering?

With Google Shopping campaigns it is not possible to set bits on individual keywords (as with Google search campaigns). However, we have developed a script that automatically filters the highest performing search terms into their own campaign.

This campaign for “high-performance search terms”, will often contain the long tail search terms and brand terms that have excellent conversion rates. By having higher bids for this campaign we were able to show Ads more often for your best search term – which leads to more conversions and higher conversion values for your Ad spend.


Monthly Management Routine

For a standard client we will spend a minimum of 8 hours a month optimising their Shopping campaigns. We split our time between a set of tasks we complete every week, fortnight, and month.

Weekly Tasks

Several times a week we will check your accounts overall performance, and individual campaign levels of spend and conversion value. We will adjust bids based on performance.

Bi-Weekly Tasks

On a fortnightly basis, we will: Review and adjust device settings, perform a comprehensive set off bid adjustments for products across your whole account, and adjust remarketing settings.

Monthly Tasks

On a monthly basis, we will review and adjust location settings, review and adjust your Ad schedule and also complete and send a comprehensive report for the whole account.

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Let us audit your Google Shopping campaigns or explain the process in more detail

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