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Through working with a Google CSS partner - eCommerce stores will be eligible for up to a 20% “discount” on the cost of their Google Shopping Ad clicks.

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What is The Benefit of Working With a Google CSS Partner?

The huge saving from working with a CSS partner can significantly boost profitability and provides the opportunity to increase PPC traffic – without incurring additional expense.

If you choose to work with eComOne we will arrange for your Ads to be published through a CSS Partner – for free. This means you will enjoy the benefits of the CSS Partner discount while avoiding the fees CSS Partners usually charge.

What Does “CSS” Stand For And What Does It Involve?

CSS stands for “Comparison Shopping Service”. A CSS is simply a website that displays a range of products from different eCommerce retailers. A visitor to a “CSS” site, will be able to compare products from different retailers – then click through to a retailer’s site to make a purchase.

Why Was The Google CSS Partner Scheme Introduced?

Google introduced the CSS partner scheme in response to the finding by the European Commission, that Google’s Shopping service was breaching anti-trust rules and distorting the market. A key issue was that Google had been promoting its own shopping comparison service ahead of its competitors. 

Successful Results

To remedy this, Google has invited other CSS publishers to appear in the Shopping results, with the option to click through to their shopping comparison sites. You may have seen the effect of this already, as  Shopping Ads will now include “By Google” or by another “publisher” such as “By Productcaster”, “By Redbrain” or “By aisle3”.

Spend less, make more

How Does The “20% Discount” Work?

By default, all Google Shopping accounts will use Google’s own CSS. (If your shopping Ads display as “by Google” this means you are using the default setting). Google charges an estimated 20% premium for using their CSS; so by switching away from the default and using a different provider – you can effectively save this spend. As mentioned above, this “saving”, should instantly improve your profitability or allow you to increase your traffic for no additional cost.

Are you ready

How Much Does it Cost to Work With a CSS Partner?

Different CSS partners have their own billing models, from a flat rate to a percentage of spend or conversion value. As mentioned above, if you choose to work with us, we currently offer a free set-up with a CSS Partner: allowing you to avoid the normal CSS partner fees, whilst enjoying the benefits of the CSS discount. Ready to get started with CSS? Simply head to our contact page and let’s get started.

Ready to Work With a CSS Partner?

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Increase in ROAS in August 2018 compared to 2017


Increase in conversion value in August 2018 compared to August 2017



Increase in ROAS in October 2018 compared to October 2017

8.81x return

on ad spend-Google Search Ads October 2018

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