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Free Facebook Ads Audit

The purpose of the audit is to investigate the performance of your account, with the view to providing actionable steps to improve ROI. 

Every report will be tailored to the specific account, and the recommendations will be bespoke to the campaigns we are reviewing.

  •  The Facebook Ads audit is completely free, no obligation review of your whole  Ads Account.
  •  For the review, we will spend time analysing your account, then deliver a 45 minute presentation to you. 
  •  In the presentation, we will explain what is and isn't working in your account, how performance has changed over time, and the immediate actions you can take to improve your profitability.

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2 Step Process
Step 1
The first step is for you to get in contact and arrange a 15-20 minute call - Simply fill in the form above and book your initial call.
Step 2
Following the call, we will request access to your account (If you have one) which will enable us to see your account data – and complete the audit. 
The review is structured in the following way:
  •   Performance of your existing account (ROI, Revenues created)
  •  Is the account making full use of the individual "settings" available to you 
  •  What is currently being done on the account
  •  How is that impacting your results to date
  •  The use of audience marketing, what data layers are you using to target existing visitors to your site
  •  How is data being used to manage your account
  •  How would we manage your account
  •  The immediate impact and results we would expect from these changes
  •  The eComOne Framework for managing Facebook Ads
  •  Any Questions (Q&A)
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Head Of eCommerce, CafePod
"Thank you for your time this afternoon. Whist the demo was brief you did an excellent job of breaking down the complexity, explaining how campaigns could be structured and clearly articulating the benefits available. I’ve sat in several presentations from multiple large agencies with teams of specialists but have to say your presentation was just so much clearer!"
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