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Our Facebook DPA Management Package includes:

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned an experienced account manager responsible for your campaigns.

Full Account Set Up

We can create your Facebook Ad campaigns from scratch, or we can use your existing account.

ROI Driven Approach

Our approach to DPA management is centred on improving ROI and generating revenue.

Systematic Account Management

With our "eComOne Framework" every detail is managed with checklists and a methodical approach.

Advanced Processes

Ad fatigue and tired Ad copy is a thing of the past with continual adjustments and refinements.

Profiling Your Perfect Customer

Creating sets of Ad sequences tailored to specific audience demographics.

Why Use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (or DPAs) should be the first strategy you use. They enable you to show relevant and customised Ads to people, based on the products they have been browsing on your website. By the time the potential customer clicks on your Ad – they have already engaged with your site and browsed your product pages, so the average “DPA visitor” is much more likely to make a purchase than a cold audience. High conversion rates through DPAs, mean a relatively low budget can generate strong returns. In our experience, DPAs consistently outperform other Facebook strategies and are the obvious initial campaign for your eCommerce store.


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Why eComOne For Facebook DPA Management?

Our Facebook DPA management involves:

Systematic Management Routines

Our management routine comprises of a framework of tasks completed on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.  Some of these tasks include: optimising bid adjustments, creating new Ad-copy, and targeting audiences based on demographics, interests, locations and behaviours.   Our approach ensures that all areas of your account are thoroughly reviewed and optimised every month.

Sophisticated Ad Sequencing

We create a sequence of Ads based on the demographics of the user, and the pages they have viewed. Visitors to your sites will see a bespoke series of Ads in their Facebook feed; and will see fresh, relevant and engaging Ads based on the products they are interested in.

Detailed Reporting

Every month we complete and deliver a comprehensive report on the performance of your account and how this compares with previous months. We encourage bi-weekly meetings so we can update you on campaign performance, the strategies we are using to maximise your return on investment, and our ideas for new Ad-copy. 


What Sets Our DPA Management Apart?

We believe our obsession with running profitable campaigns sets us apart. We have observed other agencies who focus on “vanity metrics”. Statistics such as impressions, views, clicks, and clickthrough rates are important - but ultimately we are concerned with the quantifiable revenue and the profit campaigns generate. Our campaigns first priority is to generate a good return on Ad spend; and this forms the basis of our management approach.

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Let us audit your Dynamic Product Ads campaign or chat about getting started.

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