Facebook Ads Management

Increase your sales and scale your eCommerce business with Facebook Advertising. Get your products in front of your customers with our ROI approach to Facebook Ads.

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Why eComOne For Facebook?

We create scroll stopping Facebook Ads that excite your customers and win those sales.

Here at eComOne, we have designed a winning formula with a proven track record of generating results from Facebook campaigns. 

Our targeting process allows us to maximise your results and get the best possible Return on Ad Spend.

We design, manage and evaluate your Ads to achieve your objectives. Our team spend all day, every day managing Ads –  we know what works. 

Don’t wait. Scale your eCommerce store today!

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How Do We Use Facebook Targeting?

Facebook Ads allow you to reach customers who have engaged with your business or who would be interested in your business through a broad scope of targeting options. 

It’s a channel that allows you to achieve customer retention and acquisition, the dynamic duo which transforms a business! 

We tailor each Facebook campaign depending on the targeting options to achieve your objectives. You can reach customers in the awareness, consideration or conversion stage. What are you waiting for?

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What Kinds of Facebook Advertising is Most Effective For eCommerce?

Prospecting vs Remarketing. Today is your lucky day, we create and optimise both! Prospecting Ads allows you to showcase your products to people who have expressed a specific interest, behaviour or demographic. 

For example, fashion brands can target a 16 years old girl with an interest in shopping who lives in London. 

It’s mind-boggling how many people who love a product don’t finish the purchasing process. Dynamic Product Ads give them that gentle reminder. Increase your sales with Facebook Ads. 




Increase in Purchases in the year ending October 2021 compared to the year ending October 2020


Increase in Conversion Value in the year ending October 2021 compared to the year ending October 2020



Increase in Paid Revenue


Increase in Organic Revenue

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