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Struggling with Facebook Ads? We would love to help! We manage eCommerce specific Facebook campaigns, focused on increasing revenue and ROI.

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Why eComOne For Facebook?

Our approach to Facebook paid advertising is consistency, and we work to weekly, fortnightly and monthly account checklists when managing your account. Our approach uses an incremental approach to optimising bids, iterating best performing ad-copy, and in-depth analysis of changes in account performance.

Our strategies have been designed specifically to improve the ROI and revenue of eCommerce stores. We specialise in intelligent remarketing and niche audience targeting to ensure you get a great return for your Facebook budget.

How Do We Use Facebook Targeting?

One of the advantages of Facebook is the scope targeting that is available. You can target specific demographics based on age, gender, relationship status, interests and location. To make full use of Facebook’s targeting capabilities, we create campaigns with tailored Ad copy for the specific demographics we are targeting. Rather than generic Ads, we aim to make the Ads as relevant and engaging as possible to the potential customer.

What Kinds of Facebook Advertising is Most Effective For eCommerce?

There are a huge number of campaign options with Facebook, and we would recommend using multiple strategies targeting potential customers at different levels of awareness. However, we have found the most effective use of advertising budget is by remarketing to potential customers with a sequence of highly relevant and compelling Ads. There are many options with remarketing campaigns – but we strongly recommend starting with Dynamic Product Ad Campaigns which generate personalised Ads based on the product pages the visitors has previously browsed.




Increase in conversion value in August 2018 compared to August 2017


Increase in ROAS in August 2018 compared to 2017



Increase in Revenue across all channels

10.1x ROAS

Using Facebook DPAs in September 2018

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