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You do great work. Your clients love you. You are already respected within the industry. But how to grow? The answer is simple, by having your voice heard. Journalists, bloggers and influencers are always seeking expert opinion, so why not be at the front of the queue?

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This approach is a tried and tested way of gaining coverage through showcasing your unique industry knowledge.

We guarantee the amount of approaches made and links secured, which will result in coverage from a wide variety of titles across the UK and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

By all means, we appreciate any steer on coverage targets and the titles you want to be seen in and will craft something to grab their attention.

No, but if we provide a rounded, well-considered piece of content, titles are more likely to use the material as is and unedited.

We work with countless clients that we do this for already. We are confident in writing on specialist subjects with minimal input. This can range from simple quotes as experts to fully-written articles. All content will be run past you before we send for publication.

The amount of approaches only. These range from 30, to 50, to 75. Please get in touch if you want to make more or want to investigate how to do this yourself.

We have a bespoke media database that covers everything from national mainstream media, to niche publications and industry-specific titles. We also have working relationships with local, regional and national journalists who cover a wide range of topics.

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