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eCommerce Product Description Writing

Make your stock shine with eCommerce product descriptions

In eCommerce it’s sometimes easy to forget the basics. For many eCommerce stores, the product is the star. If you have thousands of SKUs, it’s easy to skimp on the details or just copy/paste from your supplier’s catalogue, but the question must be asked, how do your product pages stand-out if they are not optimised?

By ensuring products are discoverable, described well and clearly labelled, you can expect an uplift commercially.

eCommerce Product Description Writing

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What We'll Deliver

You will be armed with a raft of optimised, well-researched product descriptions (not just content lifted from a supplier’s catalogue or brochure) for your provided list of SKUs set out in an easy to reference and usable document.

It will also be a simple case of lifting copy into your website, with each entry coming with reasoned and carefully thought out methodology behind it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We look after a great many eCommerce stores for clients where tens of thousands of specialist products are available with many variations such as size, colour and type. We are confident our product descriptions are among the best out there.

Simply put, you can expect more organic traffic and a higher conversion rate due to your site telling your potential customers about your products in a clear and engaging way.

It’s really up to you, whether you want us to look at your website as a whole or simply try to improve the look and organic traffic to a certain range of products, we welcome any size of job. A website can be completed over time, or all at once.

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