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Keyword Research Service

Harness the power of keyword research for organic traffic

One of the most important aspects of SEO is knowing where your customers are and what they are searching for. Knowledge in general about your audience and their niche is only half the picture. What is your audience actually searching for? Are there unexpected audiences you could be marketing to?

Keyword research unlocks the power of knowing. By finding where the largest volumes of searches are going, you can bend your content, website copy, overall feel of your website and your marketing in general to meet that demand and talk directly to those who will buy.

Keyword Research Service

SEO Keyword Research

What We'll Deliver

After thorough research and consideration, we will provide you with an easy to use strategic document that not only recommends which keywords to prioritise, but also gives suggestions on how best to utilise these in content, site structure and more.

All that can be used immediately to start ranking your website and getting it in front of the people that matter, your customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide a number of ways you can take the research and make the most of it with content. All of our keyword research is easily broken down by product page, category page or content page.

Keyword research is finding out what terms customers and the general public are using to find products they are looking for. Search volumes could also be seeking advice, so to be able to provide that to your audience can mean the difference between a visit, an enquiry or a sale.

We use several bespoke solutions to create a rounded, strategic set of keywords, drawing from several databases and methodologies so we’re not simply regurgitating content, rather we are offering an analysis. We use a combination of platforms and give you a specialised ‘whole of the picture’ view.

We can drill deeper into what your audience is searching for and associated searches which might uncover more opportunities for you to direct more organic traffic to your website. We also give ‘framing’ keywords, which can help you rank in a more subtle way, as well as suggestions for products you could be stocking that your audience might also be interested in.

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