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365 Vet

152.98% increase in revenue from Organic SEO

365 Vet is a dedicated online veterinary dispensary for all of your pet prescriptions, pet medications and much more.

The challenge

365 Vet started working with us in 2008 as they wanted to scale their business in a hugely competitive niche with strict guidelines. As they operate in the medication and prescription industry, having a deep knowledge of their products and restrictions facing their company was critical. They wanted to work with a trusted partner to leverage growth opportunities online, freeing up their time to run their multi-location brick and mortar business.


We execute their Meta Ads strategy by implementing these tactics:

  • Incorporating brand personality into Ads to engage customers to increase their likelihood to click and purchase 
  • High level account structure consisting of prospecting and multi-step funnel remarketing campaigns 
  • Dynamic content to leverage Meta AI systems to personalise the users journey 
  • Product focused remarketing campaigns 

Boost their sales with SEO by: 

  • Implementing our SEO RECIPE framework to increase organic traffic and revenue 
  • Structuring pages using our CATalyst framework 
  • Fix technical issues to improve the performance of the website
dogs for 365 vet

Increase in Revenue from Google Ads


Increase in Organic Revenue

What the client says:
Mark Proctor, Managing Director

"The team met our reservations head on, we have continually been amazed by what they have achieved."

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