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Why Klaviyo Is One of the Best Email Marketing Softwares for eCommerce Businesses


Email marketing is incredibly influential when it comes to driving revenue and growth for your business. If you Google, “Is email marketing good for eCommerce?”, the featured answer is,  “Email […]

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Emma Derbyshire


News | 8.01.2023

How Amazon Advertising Works

Raise your hand if you have heard of Amazon. Kidding, of course. Everyone has heard of Amazon. In fact, Amazon has a 45% share of the entire US eCommerce market. […]

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merging sales and marketing together emma blog

News | 17.03.2022

Merging Sales and Marketing Together

The idea of Sales and Marketing working in synergy makes so much sense and should be so simple, yet many businesses struggle to streamline these efforts and see the team […]

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